Tiny House in a Landscape

Val sent in this week’s Tiny House in a Landscape photo. She describes the location for us.

It sits on a small rise, surrounded by the big trees, but at the edge is cut below that grade, a parking lot and commercial building. The other side is a fast moving busy street, but this little house and its big oaks keep it as an island. After business hours, I think it returns to a solitudary environment.

It is a full time house and I say that by the activity around the property. It is on about two acres. I believe it was part of a farm property and the garage which is down the hill has a stand up attic with outside staircase. It isn’t by any hunting of fishing or lake at all so I think it was part of a caretaker cluster.

It is ON grid. I would also say, that the commercial property was sold in order to pay taxes and to retain this little treasure. That is kind of what happens when the municipal push occurs and development is the PROGRESS and the KEEPING THINGS AS THEY ARE is not progress…

3 thoughts on “Tiny House in a Landscape”

  1. Just a guess, but I’ll wager it’s ‘grandfathered-in’ at this point, with everything having been zoned commercial surrounding it… sad, but I’m thinking the next time this property is sold, it will have to be to a commercially-zoned buyer, as in, the house and trees – bucolic setting and all – will be razed for commercial zoning . I’ve seen this happen here in central Illinois, several times, with beautiful country barns or farmhouses set amidst agriculture zoned cropland, where the owner/farmer moved into a big new house ‘in town’ and either farmed the property while retaining the buildings, or sold the whole kit and kaboodle to a big corporate-type farming operation. And the farmhouses/cottages, etc. just sit, until they are finally torn down and plowed under, because ag-zoning would prohibit sales to anyone but an agricultural-zoned entity…
    I know of a family who farmed the same 200 acres for forty years, and when their dad and mom finally moved into town (aging, some expected illnesses, etc.) and tried to rent the house out, they were not allowed to rent OR sell it ‘apart’ from the whole acreage. SO the new farming operation that DID buy the whole package mowed it all down and made it another four or five acres to till… Heartbreaking.
    I’ve come to understand zoning, and there ARE merits to it in some cases, but for the most part, I LOATHE the word and all it stands for….
    I hope the family in that little house-island are young and live for another 75 years or so, or enough time some laws can change and allow them to sell it to another young little family someday, or at least allow them to will it down to grandchildren who would continue to preserve it as well, for anther century to enjoy…


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