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How is everything in the wild, wild west? Here are some photos. The photos do not show the welded aluminum floor frame sections, they are finished and welded, but I haven’t applied the wood or insulation to all of the tipi.

The first photo shows the top which is metal and a heavy coat of polyurea on the exterior. It is designed to raise and lower allowing ventilation and drafting for an inside fire. Also the top ventilating is completely covered so no rain can enter.

This custom tipi was designed and engineered by Steve Auth (myself) and built by the Woolywagons Team. It is built with the most durable modern materials. Original tipis will only last outside and set up in the eastern half of the country for about three years in humid climates and five years in the dry climates. Mold will form on the canvas, therefore we do not use canvas.


We use a goetextile adhered to aluminum frame with a polyurea spray coating on the outside, inside a polyurethane foam sprayed to geotextile material for a monolithic effect to our aluminum frame work. (No VOCs or fumes or odors emit with these modern materials)

Our tipis will be standing for a long time, maybe hundreds of years, but certainly a lifetime. There has never been a tipi designed and built like as ours (patent pending). So rest assured whom ever buys a Woolywagons Tipi will have the best of the best, just like our Woolywagons.

The Woolywagons Tipi is built in sections and bolts together. It is delivered by our team and set up for the client, seams are sealed where sections are bolted together for a completely weather proofed lodge. This a 20 foot diameter Tipi with a Polyurea (know to many as a sprayed truck bed liner) exterior to emphasize its durability.

tipi 2

Also pictured are some of our Wagons: Woolywagons(tm) Sheepwagons, Gypsywagons, Huckster wagon, Woolycabin, Vardo, Cabins on wheels, Cabins, Tiny house, tiny houses, getaways, guest house, guest cabins.

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wagon 1

wagon 2wagon 3100_1930 100_2097 100_2357 100_2586 100_2592 100_2593 100_2595 cowboy camp2012


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Greg - October 3, 2014 Reply

Beautiful craftsmanship. These trailers are
unbelievable, and like the idea of modernizing an old idea. Just absolutely

    Steve - October 3, 2014 Reply

    Thank you all for the kind comments from the Woolywagons team The WOOLYWAGONS TIPI has yet to be posted on our web site please give us a call,765-513-9104 or write We will try to answer any of your questions.ask for Steve
    Also folks most of our tiny houses 12 foot and under Woolywagons can be pulled by compact cars ,suvs because of Our aluminum framing and aluminum trailers , because we are custom tinyhouse tiny house builders we can build too the proper weight ratio for your vehicle,for instance a twelve foot Woolywagon model weighs in at approximately 1500# so much lighter than a wood framed built tinyhouse on a steel trailer not too mention our monolithic total design here at Woolywagons We glue and screw wood too our aluminum welded framework. The frame work and trailer is the foundation of a tinyhouse on wheels,only the best will do here at Woolywagons.
    Thank you for your interest

Becca - October 3, 2014 Reply

Adorable! Looks perfect for a weekend getaway.

David Remus - October 3, 2014 Reply

I like the use of the decorative metal panels on the ceilings and walls. Storing the table under the bed is a very good use of space. The extra windows overhead on the first one not only make an interior feel airy but also give a much better natural ventilation in warm weather. If you add some type of shade cloth extending out from the top of the window you can allow warm air to exit and fresh air to circulate without the sunlight heating the interior.

Very nicely thought out.

Donatella - October 3, 2014 Reply

As someone who lived in a tepee for a year back in the 70s, I was very interested in the aluminum framed one; there’s nothing I can find on the website about it. More information please?

    Steve - October 3, 2014 Reply

    The WOOLYWAGONS TIPI has yet to be posted on our web site please give us a call,765-513-9104 or write We will try to answer any of your questions.ask for Steve
    Thank you for your interest

Marsha Cowan - October 4, 2014 Reply

I absolutely love the wooly wagons! The teepee is interesting, I will reserve judgement until it is finished. However, I have been in teepees that have stood for decades that were clothed in animal skins that could be rolled up at the bottom to allow breezes to flow in and up through the top taking away all he heat. It was like they were air conditioned. The smoke, also, climbed a pole that stood up in the middle and extended up through the roof. There was a flap hung just so that could be closed over the opening whenever necessary simply by pulling a leather cord attached to it that hung down the side of the teepee. Pretty ingenious.
Sometimes I think that we worry to much about permanency. So what if you have to change canvas or clean the mold off it every few years? It is part of the process of living, and one of the tenants of mobility for which the teepee was designed, kind of like why we put our tiny houses on wheels. It gives us options. Just an opinion…

    2BarA - October 5, 2014 Reply

    Marsha, I agree with you. Replacing a bit of moldy cover is probably less of a chore than painting a whole house or replacing a roof, but these are chores homeowners expect to do over the years.

Curtis Beardsley - October 5, 2014 Reply

I think I’ve fallen in love. Looking for a traveling home and I think I may have found it! One problem, where are you located? I didn’t find a mention on your website.

    Woolywagons - October 10, 2014 Reply

    Mr.Beardsley. We are located in central Indiana please give a call if we can help
    765-513-0931 765-513-9104 or write us personally at
    Thank you for the nice comment.
    Thank you all for commenting.

Woolywagons - October 11, 2014 Reply

We welcome for a free no charge overnight getaway for anyone whom would be remotely interested in one of our Woolywagons just give us a cal 765-513-0931 765-513-9104 be sure and mention tinyhouse & or write us to book. We will talk about what you would want for your tinyhouse Woolywagons and last but not least a friendship rather we build or some other company builds for you, we will help educate you on tinyhouse living, the pros and cons, much to talk about. You may be wondering how can we offer an overnight free getaway,it’s about the love of life and the love of people and a common interest.
SINCERELY,STEVE CEO Woolywagons Lazyaa B&B Guest Ranch home of the Woolywagons we also offer short term long term tinyhouse parking in central Indiana

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