Tiny Lego Houses

Jamie shared some houses her nephew made, Jamie says, “So I have a Nephew who’s obsessed with Legos and one part of his collection that really grabbed me was a section of tiny houses. Very, very cool and gave me some inspiration for my own house ideas. Check em out…”

tiny lego house 2

tiny lego house 3

tiny lego house 4

12 thoughts on “Tiny Lego Houses”

  1. Great little houses! I’ve loved LEGO bricks for over 40 years now. Started building little houses with them when my family moved into a prefab house and I was intrigued by how options on both the big house and LEGO houses could be changed with relative ease.

    The two with second floor balconies are my favorites!

  2. I’ve been using Minecraft like this to build out tiny house ideas whenever I have a whim. Problem is that with the free version in creative mode, I can’t save what I build. But that just forces me to think fresh every time.


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