Casting Call for a New TV Series

A major cable network is currently looking for strong smart women who are planning to lead their family and friends into a whole new life.

They are looking for people who are willing to make a big change in their lives and move somewhere off-grid.

Now Casting. Women and their families. Ready to ditch the “Rat Race” and get back to the simple life.

Please email your name, contact information, photos and a brief description of your story to:

36 thoughts on “Casting Call for a New TV Series”

  1. I wonder if this is the same one that twofouramerica is looking to fill for a new show. It’s the same description almost exactly, except for the contact person.

    If so, they’ve hit the homesteading forums earlier in July.

    And the contact there said they would cover the particulars when emailing and talking with the persons that apply.

    • The way it is worded, they are looking for single mothers? The whole thing sounds a bit expoitive… Who in their right mind would allow their children to be used that way?

    • Try again and make sure you have the email correct. I just heard from Olivia and she said several people had contacted her.

  2. Good to see that sexism is alive and well in 21st century America. What will they be looking for next? Honest hard working white folk?

    • This casting call post appeared in ‘tinyhouselife’ (I think, I may be wrong as to the actual name) a month ago, and it went EXPLOSIVE after a girl there began speechifying about the ‘sexist’ aspect… The topic got so heated, between her and a few others, that it too several of us – and the moderator- to settle things back down to the actual subject, and to ask for more civility and understanding.
      The ‘strong woman’ term is supposed to mean, SIMPLY, they want the indepednet kind of working woman, who is physically and emotionally strong. NOT ALL women are strong, sisters… I KNOW. Some would rather concern themselves with maintaining creature comforts and debating the color of their nail polish, over living off grid and having to trek to an outhouse several times a day (and, in some place, taking a buddy – or a shotgun! – with them, in case they run into a bear along the way).
      The ‘their families’ INCLUDES the husband!
      Because there are a wealth of shows already on tv right now with a man being head of the house and ‘in charge’ for doing most of the grunt work of living off the grid, the producers wanted to show anot-so-average woman’s viewpoint of the move, and the lifestyle.
      There should be NOTHING sexist about that. Seriously, I wish more people would drop THAT subject (among others) that have far outlived their shelf-life by now. We have women leaders all over the world (and women who just MIGHT make it to the President’s seat in the next election or two!), so the whole inequality thing is losing its steam, and the more that is DONE about the inequalities we still have to deal with, the BETTER – and more productive than talking or argung about the points.
      Just my opinion on the subject.
      And shame on you, to throw the ‘white folks’ remark out there. It’s not even the same thing, and only inspires the kind of uglier debate I would be anguished to see happen HERE…

      • Calling for women rather than families is sexist whether you want to admit it or not. A more appropriate call would be to ask for families that are making the change – regardless of the gender of the ‘head of household’. And I would have been just as critical had the call been for ‘strong men’ or ‘Caucasian families’ or any other trait that segregates.

        And you’re right. I’m sure at some point in the future we will have a lady President. I was hoping that the tide would turn last election. But sadly the country is still wed to the two party system so my candidate of choice (a lady) didn’t stand a chance.

        See how that works?

      • I agree completely. I would be honored to be on a reality show that showcases the strength of a group of women who are willing to give up the easy life of fast food burgers and curling irons to live a simpler and more environmentally friendly life. It’s a bit of a role reversal really, breaking the belief that the man is always the one with the hammer and stressing the women who choose to take the lead instead. I emailed them last night and showed them pictures of myself, my fiancee and our daughter and I would love for them to get back to me. People say its sexist, I think it’s the complete opposite. I’d be proud to be considered one of the strong women.

        • Amy, well said!
          I, too, think that it is an EMPOWERMENT to females to be ‘called’ as ‘strong women’: there ARE ‘divisions’ within our ranks, just as any other demographic. I think the word ‘strong’ is both the necessary AND contentious word here: the women that object to it are, in fact, voicing disappointment at their own lack of qualifications in that area, the men are unhappy with the hint of its emasculation (as in, married couple and who wears the pants ‘dilemma’, ie: the STRONG woman).

          tsk tsk.

          It really is NOT a sexist matter at all, now, is it? πŸ˜‰

          Anyway, glad we could have THAT discussion touched on HERE and have it progress amicably, and not like the blowouts I’ve seen elsewhere.

          Once again, happy to be here, happy to know the people here, happy that we can all be mature, respectful, enjoy each other’s company and opinions AND even allow our own opinions be enlightened/altered/strengthened, etc. in the process. πŸ˜‰

  3. For you to think this is sexism is to imply that if a woman is “smart” and or “strong” the she would have to be completely indenpant of her husband or the primary leader of her household. That is absolutely ridiculous and completely closed minded. Husbands and wife who work together to provide for themselves and their families in peaceful and mutually respectful manner show more smarts and strength than those who co stantly

    • Which begs the question why they would use ‘lead’ her family into. If it was meant to not be taken that way, why not simply ask for families to participate… It is meant to bait.

      Still, if people wish to participate in garbage TV, it must be their choice… Free country and all that πŸ˜‰

    • Just confused… you did not hit the ‘reply’ button under the post you were responding to, so it is not clear if your comment was rebutting Jeff, mine or Amy’s… If you hit the ‘reply’ button at the bottom of the post you are addressing, YOUR post would then fall UNDER it, and in a hierarchal fashion that would make it clearer as to the ‘who’ your post would be directed towards – or at least, regarding – in the context of the particular topic…

      I think your post is important, too, in that there ARE ‘strong’ women who are a part of a couple (and that is already addressed as ‘family’ in the casting call!). But in 99% of ‘stories’, there will be a main character, a lead, a centralizing viewpoint. And in this case, they want to tell it from that ‘strong woman’s POV, regardless of how ‘equal’ and harmonious she and her husband/partner are.
      Sometimes, someone has to be the ‘leader’, and it is not supposed to empiracally mean one is better than the other, it simply means a particular viewpoint is wanted by the ‘storyteller’ (producers).
      For instance, we have a President. He is a man.
      His wife is a wonderful, STRONG First Lady.
      But when the President is called upon to make a federal decision, it is NOT a task he and his wife ‘share’, it is HIS by dint of his position AT THIS TIME and place.
      There is NOTHING SEXIST about that.

      Not splitting hairs, just letting you know I *think* we are all actually on the same page.

      • I suspect she was making a statement, not responding to either of the two of you (who obviously have your own agendas).

        I agree with her so responded to her. It is rather simplified when one does not assume the need for a leader…

        (The show in question hopes to prey on those who need the conflict, btw).

  4. I wish I could find a ‘homey’ type little group banding together to live more simply and off grid,that would accept Grannys, that also like to travel in off gardening months. One that is Not a reality tv show…lol

    For now I bought a mobile home in Fl and am going to try to have one or two roommies into ‘green living’.

    • Your wish is granted πŸ˜‰ Small communities in Michigan, Wisconsin (small mid-western towns are trying to survive, chance exists where officials are listening to alternatives) and Canada are a good place to start. Look for ‘intentional small town community’ Grass roots at the moment, hopefully more soon πŸ˜‰

  5. My husband and I live off grid. He is a long haul driver. That leaves me home to do all the work, this includes building something to live in. When I need his help standing a wall up, it stays where it is till he gets home. I move on to the next part of the project. So,not always is the husband able to help. We live in the woods and he bought me a rifle if ever needed, dogs keep the bears and cougars at bay.

  6. The producers could contact the mowan from New Jersey who is one of the principal characters on “Housewives of New Jersey. ” She and her husband have spent gobs of money they don’t have and are under indictment for numerous money scams.

    That would make a good backstory for the first episode of her learning to live small in a state prison cell.

    Tiny Living With A Bunkmate.

    Episode two could show them downsizing to Tiny Living Solitary after a nasty catfight in the showers.

    back to your regularly scheduled broadcast….

  7. Not meaning to put any damper on this, but having been in the movie and television filming industry for 20 years I would be very careful about this type of offer. Many states do not have SAG or film unions that protect principles and extras on films so be aware that filming companies will and do very often take advantage of people’s willingness and eagerness to be on film.
    Make sure they pay for everything, if you are asked to incurr expenses and travel on your own dime get compensation and make sure the contract is legit. Make SURE every aspect if your involvement is clear. Many many so called independent films and quite a few underwritten ones by large production companies have no qualms about using people for their own benefits.
    Also if you do get involved, be prepared for a lot of “hurry up and wait”, and long times between communications.

  8. If Honey BOO BOO’s family gets 21,000.00 per episode…wonder what a strong women with real skills would get paid? Just how off the grid is this..I can handle a team of horses …know a little about timber, was a one time pretty good with a chain saw (my mom’s family owned a farm)know how to work a plow and horse or mule…raised cattle and goats…chickens are just the best animals in the world…eggs and meat…rabbits are fine too…pretty good with a cold frame..can work a pull saw for building if no chain saw is around/not half bad with a ax…just, I would have to bring my mom if hunting is required ..shes a better shot…but what to do with that husband of mine..I sure at 21,000.00 a episode we could work that out..

  9. for Gail…I hope that you hide the trash away from your living area and feed the dogs where other animals can not smell it…my husband is a long haul driver also…there are so many things that you have to do on your own…unless of course you want to spend that hard earned money paying someone else to do it…I have my son to help me now at 13 he is 6’1 and a strong young man and not afraid of a little work. Since reading Tiny House Blog we have found great items to build for our small home, not to mention some great space saving items. We have built a new closet…new beds with storage under kitchen island for our small kitchen and the build list is always handy for when we get a few extras bucks. Best Wishes.. stay strong and build on…

  10. This is hilarious! I’m about to ditch my director role and go live in the teeny jewelry box of a home my family has built on an unserviced island in the PNW… I can’t imagine a more horrific undoing of that hard earned peace than inviting a TV crew onto our precious 10 acres. I haven’t even OWNED a TV in 10 years!! Holy “what is wrong with this country!” Really hilariously ironic..

  11. I want to be casted in the Small House/Tiny Home living. I am a 57 year old woman who has “done-it-all”. I am now single (a widow) who wants to downsize from 30 years of marriage/family/accumulation and return to how I was when I met my husband. Living small (on a 31 foot catamaran sailboat) and simple; spending most of my time becoming healthy and self-sufficient as I once was. I’m disabled with Lyme disease and living small would be conducive to my overall health; mind, body and soul. I’m a “Jill-of-all-trades” and educated trying to make it on my own. I AM a strong minded, educated woman who knows what I want and need. How do I get on board? It IS THE PERFECT solution to my losing who I once was. I also care about living a minimalist lifestyle and becoming one with Mother Nature, not a “taker”; No waste; recycle; contribute to a better world for future generations. I hope someone hears my plea. I am that STRONG person; I just need a chance/the opportunity to prove Life can be as simple and happy as you make it; even if you have a disability. Sincerely, JQ


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