Couple Built Artistic $34k Tiny House

Jennifer and David built a lovely $34k tiny house. It’s a truly unique space that reflects their artistic interests and personalities. From concept to completion, it took four years for their home on wheels to come into being. Slowly collecting reclaimed materials from places like auctions and salvage yards, enabled … Read more

Inside an Urban Tiny House Community

Have you heard of the Lake Dallas Tiny Home Village? It’s the first of its kind urban tiny house community, located in a quaint small town downtown in the northern Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. Importantly, the layout sets this apart from other parks and villages. As a pocket neighborhood, all the … Read more

Couple’s Split-Level Tiny House

Noah and Kate’s unique split-level tiny house is 170 square feet and 24-feet long. From the start, it was designed with off-grid travel in mind with a solar power system and large holding tanks. The beauty of the split levels is how it creates separate rooms, eliminating the hallway feel … Read more

Couple’s Tiny House with Amazing Catio

Newlyweds, Jacob and Michael live in a lovely 26-foot tiny house with an amazing catio. They found a convenient parking spot with a sizable lot in the Crosswinds RV & Tiny Home Community. It’s close to their jobs in Fort Worth, Texas. Impressively, their outdoor deck doubles their living space … Read more

Couple’s $35k DIY Tiny House with Murphy Bed

Meet Sara and Joel and their light and airy, beautifully efficient $35k DIY tiny house. Over two years of weekend building, they built their 26-foot THOW with an incredible DIY Murphy bed and storage for days. Impressively, they earned substantial build costs savings due to doing all the labor themselves … Read more

Woman Designs Her Dream Gooseneck Tiny House

Nicole’s only private living space has been a bedroom, from living at home, college dorms, and shared housing. That is until a few years ago when she decided to build her dream gooseneck tiny house. From there, Nicole carefully planned her design by drawing floor plan after floor plan late … Read more

5 Tiny House Safety Tips

Tiny home safety and security concerns are top frequently asked questions. It involves many aspects like safe towing and the ideal parking spot. Of course, you’ve probably considered typical house safety measures like installing a fire extinguisher and a smoke detector. Have you considered specific tiny house security measures?  In … Read more

Tiny House Parking: What Are Your Options?

Is uncertainty or anxiety around finding tiny house parking, keeping you from pursuing your simple living dream? Most don’t realize there’s a wide range of available options available. Though finding your ideal spot can require much legwork. Further, if you want a fully legal option, you’ll need to embrace location … Read more