Couple’s Split-Level Tiny House

Noah and Kate’s unique split-level tiny house is 170 square feet and 24-feet long. From the start, it was designed with off-grid travel in mind with a solar power system and large holding tanks. The beauty of the split levels is how it creates separate rooms, eliminating the hallway feel often seen in tiny home design. Additionally, the elevated kitchen/bathroom level provides large storage compartments built into the floor—used for bulky items, including fresh and grey water tanks.

Throughout their tiny home, Noah incorporated functional and beautiful woodworking elements. He added a custom breakfast bar for dining and home office space. Also, in the loft bedroom, he created a decorative headboard and nightstands. They feature depressions carved into them to keep things in place while traveling. Check out more from Noah’s woodworking business, Animas Craft, here. 

Noah and Kate traveled 10,000 miles with their off-grid split-level tiny house on wheels to escape the big city lifeserving as a powerful lifestyle reset. Ultimately, their adventures led them to Escalante Village, a tiny home community in their dream town of Durango, Colorado.

“As far as how we funded the trip, we decided not to work while we were traveling. So a big part of what we wanted to do was get out of our current jobs. We were in corporate America working telecom and just not feeling fulfilled, among other things. And so the timing worked out that we were ready to leave the city. We saved up for a couple of years, enough money to support ourselves on the road without working, which is very scary for me. I’ve never not had a job, so that was a bit unnerving at first. But we budgeted pretty well and actually had a pretty good nest egg when we landed here.”

—Kate, @mototiny

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