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Joe Callantine on Creating a Tiny House Community

tiny house named Meraki

This week Ethan Waldman and Joe Callantine talk about the desire to live in a tiny house community.

Joe built his tiny house and owns the land for the tiny house community. He is currently working on the legal and regulatory steps to make his dream a reality.

He patiently describes the process so others can know what to do if they want to live legally in their tiny homes.

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In This Episode:

  • How survivalism led to an interest in tiny homes
  • Zoning challenges and prejudices that make tiny house communities difficult to build
  • All about Joe’s tiny home, Meraki – and what she taught him
  • Could tiny homes be the new “starter home”?
  • Why not a co-op? Joe’s thoughts on running a tiny home community
  • How to design your tiny home like an electrician
  • Should you be skirting your tiny home?

Links and Resources:

tiny house kitchen

His tiny home has no gas, only electricity

tiny house living area

When he gets settled into Bonsai Village, he has plans to run some things on solar power

tiny house windows in living area

Lots of windows and recessed lighting make Meraki nice and bright

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