Gorgeous DIY Tiny House – Full of Design Ideas!

Shelby built a gorgeous DIY tiny house with her dad’s life insurance money as a way to invest in a stable future. As an artist with a love for Moroccan design, she handcrafted their creative home and packed it full of rich colors, lush fabrics, and intricate textures. Shelby has a real knack for small space interior design. For instance, she created a functional artwork with a light fixtures centerpiece in her living room that brings in light and makes the space feel airier. It’s made with a wall-hanging mirror that she painted it. Then she added light bulbs with a dark base, like this.

Her tiny house is 10-foot wide by 24-foot long. Shelby added four feet extension on each side of the house, which leads to more usable space in each loft. This is perfect for her extensive dream closet that doubles as bedroom decor. Importantly, it’s a park model-certified home through Washington state’s Labor and Industries department program.

“When my dad passed away, I had a chunk of money from his life insurance policy and wanted to invest into the future as best as I could. When I started the build, first of all, the chunk of money that I got from my dad’s life insurance policy, it was like a serious deal. It was something to be very careful with.

I just knew that I would never have $40,000 at my dispense again. So the idea of using it in such a way– I have what I’m using it for forever, to really serve me. With that in mind, I told myself that this was going to be my forever house. And that really helped out. I guess the quality of everything. I didn’t go halfway on anything. Everything that I really, really wanted, no matter what it cost, no matter how much extra time it took, I did.”

-Shelby, @raedeluz

Watch the Full Tour of her Gorgeous DIY Tiny House:

Now Shelby lives with her partner Cole and their dog, Runa. After a year of tiny living, they’re now engaged! It’s offered a way for them to live affordably, lean into what they love to do, and soak in a fulfilling slow living lifestyle.

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