Teachers’ 28′ Tiny Home Offers Fulfilling Lifestyle

Teachers Gilbert and Jessica downsized into a 28′ tiny home to simplify and spend their money on adventure over a mortgage. Before taking the plunge, they spent a year staying in different kinds of small space rentals to discover what worked the best for them. Ultimately, they went with Nomad Tiny Homes in Austin who built their THOW for $68,000.

“It feels really, really smart. Just being two teachers, we’re never going to be millionaires. BUT we can live like millionaires because we have all this extra money to travel, and we have the most amazing mountains and nature right out our front door. We’re living what feels really luxuriously.”

Gilbert and Jessica’s 28-foot tiny house features two large lofts. Currently, they sleep in the larger sleeping loft with a king bed, accessed by storage stairs with sturdy metal railing. Nestled next to the bed is a small bassinet. Additionally, cubbies with a metal privacy screen create a sense of separation from the rest of the home. The secondary loft is a multi-use space: storage, art studio, and guest room. Earlier in the pandemic, it also became a makeshift preschool classroom. When newborn River is a toddler, Gilbert and Jessica may make this loft their bedroom.

Now Gibert & Jessica live happily and legally with their dog and two cats, and now a newborn! This thoughtful couple shares their perspective on bringing a baby into a tiny house on wheels and their tiny house parking experience in the above video.

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