JP Marquis Tiny House Builder is Booked Into Next Year

Ethan calls his guest this week is one of his all-time favorite professional tiny house builders.

JP Marquis from Minimaliste Houses has been building gorgeous, modern, premium tiny houses since 2015, His company really has staying power because of their pursuit of building excellence.

Minimaliste Houses have continued to innovate to make their tiny houses both safer and better to live in.

In this podcast, Ethan and JP go deep on building for cold weather, why JP thinks that SIPs are the only choice for building a safe and warm tiny house on wheels, heating systems, and more.

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In This Episode:

  • Why ventilation is so important and JP’s recommendations
  • What is thermal bridging?
  • Building materials that reduce waste and cost
  • Heating tiny homes in very cold climates
  • Why Minimaliste makes wider homes
  • Avoid these mistakes with your wheel wells

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