Yay for Maine! Tiny Homes Count as Dwellings in the Pine Tree State

Another state has opened up its arms to the tiny house community. This time the news come from the Atlantic Coast rather than the West.

Maine is the latest state to allow tiny homes and tiny homes on wheels as residences.

Photo by Daniel Vargas

This month, Maine Governor Janet Mills signed a new law that makes tiny homes the same rank as traditional single family residences. The same zoning and code regulations do apply to the tiny homes as well.

Homes under 400 square feet and THOW are included in the law.

Photo by Tiny Homes of Maine

The law will go into effect in the fall. It allows tiny homes under 400 square feet and includes tiny homes on wheels. Any town that wishes to outlaw tiny homes would need to adopt specific ordinances and zoning against them.

Not only does this law accommodate for more options for affordable housing, but tiny house builders in Maine should see an uptick in building requests.

Tiny Homes of Maine builds homes for the Northeast’s harsh winters.

Photo by Tiny Homes of Maine

If you are interested in having a tiny house in Maine, there are several builders available. These include Tiny Homes of Maine and Tiny House Northeast which builds homes for other states in New England.

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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