Freedom and Tiny House Living

When you join the Tiny House Blog email list I send out a series of common questions and answers about tiny houses. One of the questions is “What is a tiny house?”

I enjoy getting email responses from people and it helps me learn a little about you.

The other day Rebecca Vader wrote me back and I enjoyed her answer and I thought you might also. Here it is with a few pictures to go along with it.

To answer your question in what I’ve come to discover over the years of tiny living exploration. What is a tiny house? Well for me, it’s been everything from a sheep wagon, a 1978 mini Winnie, a bivy that I carried on my bicycle and slept in for a three month bicycle tour, a very small room that I upgraded with my own coffee station in a shared bohemian style house, a 1995 Toyota Previa that I converted into a bedroom on wheels and lived out of all summer 2020.

But mostly it is a vision of freedom. The desire to be free from financial, physical, and emotional constraints. Giving up a majority of physically amassed materials in order to have room to grow. Living smaller to grow bigger.

It’s all about freedom. It always has been and always will be.

~Rebecca Vader

Sheep Wagon
2015 building a sheep wagon
2016 renovating my mini-Winnie
Freedom Tour
2019 on my “Freedom Tour”
Mini Adventure Van
2020 in “Egg Man the mini Adventure Van”
Bohemian tiny living quarters
2021 “Bohemian tiny living quarters-Sandpoint Idaho”

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