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Woman Designs Her Dream Gooseneck Tiny House

Nicole’s only private living space has been a bedroom, from living at home, college dorms, and shared housing. That is until a few years ago when she decided to build her dream gooseneck tiny house. From there, Nicole carefully planned her design by drawing floor plan after floor plan late at night. Fortunately, she’s always had a knack for spatial planning, which helped tremendously in figuring out how to maximize the space.

Next, Nicole meticulously vetted potential tiny house builders via a detailed spreadsheet to track various pros and cons of each. Ultimately, she chose Mitchcraft Tiny Homes who’s brilliant craftsmanship beautifully and collaboratively brought Nicole’s design to life. 

Nicole’s dream gooseneck tiny house is on a 32-foot trailer and is beautifully functional with every inch is maximized. But it’s her inventive layout, that gives her a bedroom with lots of headroom and an impressive walk-in closet. Impressively, the bed is lofted over the bathroom in the gooseneck section. This opens the floor space for a variety of uses, like an alternate workspace. 

Finding Parking for Her Gooseneck Tiny House

Nicole found tiny house parking through Craigslist, browsing through numerous THOW parking listings. In the end, she chose one on a semi-rural property with beautiful sunsets within the greater East Bay Area.

Importantly, her parking situation highlights how it’s a mutually beneficial arrangement for her and the homeowner. By paying monthly lot rent she helps her landlord meet her large monthly bills. That’s something she wants cities to understand when they consider allowing tiny houses on wheels as primary and accessory dwellings.

Also, here’s a fun fact: Nicole has two tiny home neighbors! Watch a tour of her neighbor Alex’s 10-ft wide tiny with amazing bathroom here.

“The main reasons I went tiny were to design it myself and to put my spatial planning skills to the test. And to live in the Bay Area which is cost-prohibitive, but also to be able to leave if I wanted to.”

See more of Nicole’s tiny home life on Instagram.

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