Martin House-To-Go

Hurricane Katrina played a major part in Julie Martin‘s move from specializing in restoring historic homes to building a portable, affordable, well built vision on wheels called the “Fresh Start.” Julie lost everything in Katrina, but gained a vision on building small homes from the experience.

With the initial guidance of Jay Shafer of Tumbleweed Tiny Houses, Julie has started a new company called Martin House-To-Go


with the goal of making an affordable tiny house that can be easily moved from place to place on a trailer. Or if you prefer to leave your house in one place it can be removed from the trailer and put on a foundation.

With 2008 comes a new model called the Fresh Start. With an introductory price of $29,900, all you need to get one of your own is a 3/4 ton truck with a 2 5/16th trailer hitch ball and a spirit of adventure.

These tiny homes can be used as a primary residence, for vacation and travel, a vacation home, a mother-in-law house or a private guest cottage or spare room.

With a full bath, kitchen and loft and quality throughout, I would put this tiny house high on my list.






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31 thoughts on “Martin House-To-Go”

  1. Cool idea, full house: one bedroom kitchen dining room combo, loft bedroom, nice wooden washroom,

    Im interested in how the wiring, plumbing, sewage plumbing and HVAC is done?

    Best of all you can wheel it into a trailer park, and wheel it out when the lot rent goes up to an unreasonable fee.

  2. This is a great idea. I’m looking into the Tumbleweed types to build one myself. So far, trying to find a good trailer to start building.

    I look forward to starting my project.

    BTW: I love this site… lot’s of good info.

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  4. I’ve been wondering how to facilitate my dream of having an independent, traveling lifestyle now that I’m approaching my semi retirement years; as a single senior,I’ll need to work at least part time for some years yet, but want to be able to pick up and move whenever I feel like it and still have a roof over my head! Also, I’ve never had much money, so some of these little houses I’ve looked at on other sites costing $50,000 makes me wonder what they’re made of. Yours makes me feel it might be possible! Thanks for the inspiration, and I may be looking into your product in the next year or so.

  5. Sandy be sure and go to Julie’s site and talk to her. I am not directly affiliated with her, but just wrote about her tiny house.

    Tiny House Blog

  6. Kent,

    I’ve been try to contact Martin House-to-go (via email and phone) for about 2 1/2 weeks but can’t get a response. Do you know if they’re still in business?
    Grant McComb
    New Hampshire

    • Hi Grant,

      I talked to Julie shortly before Christmas about some advertising on the Tiny House Blog, so I know they are still in Business. She has been extremely busy and has not gotten back to me. Keep trying and I will also pass on your information to her as well.

  7. I am very interested in these small homes after i saw some online i am really sick of renting and its only been a year but my fiance is in college so we can’t afford a house house and we plan on moving 900 miles away when she is done with school. theres just something so simple about these homes that attract me so much i would appreciate any tips on these homes i am looking into building one with my dad or buying one If you have info on where to get one in wisconsin please email me

  8. Hi Julie

    you remember Herve from Pascagoula (Holiday). Great houses and very affordable. You should think about doing small offices for businesses. Amities

  9. Best bang for the buck out there and one of the nicest looking ones too. With a wife and two kids this isn’t going to work for me, but it might be just perfect for the extra room we need, but don’t have, for my retired Mom.

  10. It looks like that site is not actually active. there is no personal contact information only advertising links? Anyone know if they have moved? I am looking for working blueprint/plans for this floorplan.


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