North Idaho Timber Frame Cabin

Luke Sheneman from Idaho has been building a timber frame cabin for the last year and a half and has been documenting the progress at his blog located at: I recently discovered it and Luke has given me permission to share a few of his pictures and share some information about his cabin with you.


The cabin is still in progress similar to Mark van Roojen’s project in Wyoming that we covered on an earlier post.

Luke started his quest back in September of 2006 when he began collecting information and also lumber for his timber frame. Most of his wood he is using is from downed trees in his area that he has collected and milled. If you click through his blog you can view this process.

In late April of 2007, Luke attended a timber framing workshop at Grand Oaks Timber Framing near Paris, Tennessee. Where they built a timber frame similar in size to what Luke planned to build. When he returned he fine tuned his plans and started milling his lumber.


August 2007 was the raising time for the frame and Luke gathered his friends and family together for an old fashioned cabin raising. Click here to see more pictures and a couple of videos.



Since than he has enclosed the and roofed the cabin and is waiting for spring to come so that he can put the finishing touches to his cabin. In the mean time he is working on furniture and doors, etc. so that when the snow clears he can add these items to the cabin.


Please look through Luke’s blog if you are serious about timber framing. It is very educational and the pictures speak a thousand words.


Timber Framing seems to be very popular in the tiny house blog. What other tiny house information would you like to see covered?

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5 thoughts on “North Idaho Timber Frame Cabin”

  1. Greetings, very keen on the construction of my own tiny house. I recommend everyone play around with google sketchup. A great way to design your own tiny house, very easy and intuitive to use. Also a cool data base of previous models in their “warehouse” .

  2. Google Sketchup is precisely what I used to design my timber frame cabin in Idaho. I spent months tweaking my cabin frame design in SketchUp and then designed individual posts and beams (placement of tenons and mortices) before I cut the joinery. It was an invaluable tool.

    You should also know that Clark Bremer from Northern Lights Timber Framing has built a set of free extensions to SketchUp specifically for timber framing. You can learn more and download these SketchUp Plugins here:

    Clark will be presenting a workshop at the Western Timber Framing conference in Coeur D’Alene Idaho in April:


  3. Thanks Luke for the great information and links. Please keep us updated on the progress of your cabin. Anyone wanting to explore timber frame building should try out this free software and use it like Luke has done to develop there only home or cabin.


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