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The Galloway Stetson Leather Flat Cap

When you have blogged as long as I have, you will every now and then be asked if you would consider doing a review for a company. I will only review something that I own and am totally behind the product. I also will only review a product that I think the tiny house community might find useful.

If you live in a small space you have room for only so much. Your belongings must be of quality so they last.

Tenth Street Hats introduced me to their Stetson Hats. I have been familiar with Stetson cowboy hats and didn’t realize they had expanded into other hats as well.

I’m a flat cap person and appreciate the look of them and they cover my bald spot and give me some sun protection or warmth.

Leather done right turns an outfit into a statement. This is a great cap for winter or summer and is designed in the ivy hat style.

The feature photo is of my family. The kids surprised us and showed up at the house for the weekend of Mother’s Day and my birthday which happened to fall on the same day this year. We went on a hike and explored a big cave in the area we live in.

This hat has become my go-to hiking cap as it is lightweight and is very comfortable. I would highly recommend it if you are looking for something both casual and sophisticated. Of course, there are many other styles to choose from.

Check out Tenth Street Hats here.

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D. Pedersen - May 28, 2020 Reply

I must admit, that I find it a bit contradicting to be promoting a leather cap, when the vast majority of tiny house dwellers are concerned about climate change. It is no secret that farmed animals, where the leather comes from, contribute to more than 25% of the CO2 emitted as well as the 25 x more damaging methane – as well as the pollution of the oceans, rivers, streams and groundwater. So I find this articles misplaced no matter how much you love the cap. Personally I do not find it useful in any way due to it’s material. And I think it is wrong to push a product which has such a high impact on climate change. Or maybe climate change do not matter to you. I do not know.

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