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3-D Printed House Has 24 Smart Systems, Including Antivirus Protection

The Haus.me design is not only being touted as a smart house, but rather as a genius house. Each of the 3-D printed designs contain 24 intelligent subsystems that work together for tiny, yet comfortable living in any location.

The Haus.me design has lighting and air quality systems built right into a 3-D printed model.

Photos by Haus.me

Built in Reno, NV, each home is printed in one piece from a 3-D polymer composite that is innovative, robust, and safe. It has nearly a 10 times longer lifespan than homes made with traditional building materials. The Haus.me also has wall insulation six times higher than the U.S. Department of Energy recommendations for northern climates.

The mOne is the smallest model with a studio layout, kitchenette and bathroom.

Within each of the homes are smart systems for water and air quality, carbon gas levels, as well as antibacterial and antivirus protection. The house also has smart lighting and thermostats, automatic shades, solar panels, and a hidden projector screen in the ceiling. One of the best features is the ability for each model to power, heat and cool itself completely off grid.

Each of the Haus.me models can be delivered to any location within the U.S.

While these awesome little bunkers can be delivered all over the U.S., due to their innovation they are not the most affordable models on the market. The base mOne is a 400 square foot studio and comes in at around $200,000. The mTwo is 800 square feet with a single bedroom and costs around $380,000. The largest of the models is the mFour. It is a luxury model with two floors and starts at a cool $1 million. However, the company does offer the two smaller models as rentals for between $1,163 and $2,210 per month.

By Christina Nellemann  for the [Tiny House Blog]

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Jackie Marie Savage - May 14, 2020 Reply

Think i will build from recycle and not be so HIGH TECH. Damn , trying to get away from the Silicon valley mindset not invest almost 1/2 million “Going Tiny” but to each there own….

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