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Inside San Diego’s 1st Tiny House Community

Tiny House Block is the first legal tiny house on wheels community in San Diego County, California. It’s home to 18 long and short-term rentals and seven rental lots. Importantly, if you need parking for your THOW, spots are currently available!

Tiny House Block opened its doors about one year ago, after taking over a run-down RV park, full of abandoned trailers and crumbling infrastructure. Fortunately, the property grandfathered in for extended stays, making year-round THOW living legal.

Another top benefit of Tiny House Block is an on-site cafe and the absolutely beautiful location in Mount Laguna. It’s a small mountain town in the Cleveland National Forest, a stop along the Pacific Crest Trail.

Believe it or not, it’s also just 1-hour away from downtown San Diego.

Currently, there are two tiny houses with full-time residents. They are eager to welcome new neighbors into the village. For now, they’re working on creating a community garden, as well as enjoying regularly potlucks around the fire.

“Simplicity; the simple life. We’re not bogged down with a bunch of stress and responsibilities. We come and feel like we’re on vacation.”

-Erin Aguilera, on why she loves living at Tiny House Block

Soon more tiny house parking opportunities are coming to the city of San Diego. Learn more about that here.

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