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Egloo Small Portable Space Heater

Marco contacted me quite a while back and asked me to check out and review his new creation called the Egloo, a small candle powered space heater.

I agreed as I thought this sounded like something someone living in a small space might like, and I was also curious if and how it would work.

To be honest I was very skeptical. How could a little candle heater produce enough heat to really warm a small space?

I received the Egloo a couple months ago but with becoming a grandparent it got set aside, and I put it off. Summer has now arrived here in central Oregon but the last couple of days the weather felt almost winter like. We even had some snow in the mountains.

I decided that this was a good time to try it out and see if the Egloo really worked.

The initial setup takes about 15 minutes. There are several parts involved. The Egloo was packed very well and had good instructions. On their website is a great video which I have included below on how to use it.

I went through the steps of adding the wicks and water and the special wax. I did not have a gas lighter available so used standard wooden matches. I ended up using three matches and I would encourage you to use a gas lighter like they suggest.

You can add essential oils or some type of scent. I did not this time but may try it in the future.

Once lit and burning I put the two covers over the candles and let it go to work. I was surprised right off with the amount of heat coming through the top of the little heater.

I tested it in my 10 x 12 guest room/office where the temperature was around 53 degrees. After about 30 minutes I was excited and surprised at how warm the room was getting. After 45 minutes the room was pushing 80 degrees, way to warm for my liking.

I decided to turn the little heater off by blowing out the flame through the hole in the top of the heater. It went off instantly but the terra cotta heater continued to hold the heat for around 30 more minutes.

The Egloo candle will run up to 4 hours on one fill.

To be honest I was completely blown away by the amount of heat and the short amount of time it took to heat up my 10 x 12 room. This would be perfect in a tiny house or small area that can be closed off.

The only negative I see with this neat little heater is that to get the most heat out of it you need to use Egloo specific refills.

They do however have very affordable refills and I would recommend keeping them on hand if you plan to use the little heater regularly.

As with anything of quality the Egloo is a bit of an investment initially. Each is handmade and one of a kind, so you will have a unique little heater.

To learn more and get your own. Please visit the Egloo website at

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    Tankless space heaters use a counter-current heating element that does not store heat but instead discharges it into the air surrounding the unit. This means the unit is always running, and it allows you to avoid storage costs.

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