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June 11, 2018

Luna Lite is inTech RV’s Newest, Tiny Trailer

As one of the smallest campers to garner accolades and awards from both RV Business and RV Pro, the Luna by inTech RV is becoming one of the more memorable teardrop trailers on the road. Furthermore, she now has a little sister. The Luna Lite is manufactured with the same all-aluminum, all-tube, fully welded cage as the Luna, but with more simple amenity choices.

The Luna Lite still has the distinctive front window.

Don’t worry, that beautiful front window isn’t going anywhere. The distinctive, fully tempered glass window (just like a vehicle windshield) is one of the best details of the original Luna. Sitting inside at the small settee or on the adjustable bed allows for some serious views from inside the trailer. The Luna Lite has the same configuration with a base weight of only 1,450 lb. and can be towed by many SUVs and small trucks.

The Luna Lite has several downgraded luxury items like a 32 inch TV.

“Most teardrop trailers leave their occupants feeling claustrophobic,” says Rich Schnippel, inTech Director of RV Operations. “But Luna is spacious beyond belief and has two large side windows plus the massive front windshield that make the interior feel larger than it already is. You never lose sight of the great outdoors.”

The galley has a 12 volt Coleman fridge and plenty of workspace.

The Luna Lite is different from the Luna in that it’s a lighter weight, less-expensive option with downgraded luxury items. The 40 inch TV was replaced with a 32 inch TV, the plastic formed fenders were replaced with aluminum powdercoated fenders, and the Dometic Cool Cat A/C was replaced with an 8,000 BTU Pummel Drive A/C. In the galley kitchen (accessed via a tall hatch in the back) the Lite version has a two-burner stove, a sink with a residential faucet, Coleman 12-volt fridge, and plenty of counter space and storage. The microwave in the original Luna has been removed. The roomy interior has a vinyl floor with storage underneath as well as the settee with storage underneath the seats. The twin futons can be converted into a bed or used as seating for up to five people.

Watch the Luna Lite Unveiling.

The Luna Lite has a MSRP of $14,168 to 15,518 plus shipping and dealer fees. Look for the article on inTech’s Luna and Flyer trailer models in the June (#66) issue of Tiny House Magazine.


Photos and video courtesy of inTech RV

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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