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June 13, 2018

Casting Call For Tiny House Rock Stars

Roger Lehet, the inventor of the Kimberly™ wood stove, is excited to announce that Unforgettable Fire™ and Unforgettable Tiny House™ have an opportunity to appear on episodes of a wildly popular television show that is all about tiny homes! But to make this happen, Roger must first find the Unforgettable Tiny House™ rock stars — and he needs your help!

Who do you know who dreams of moving into an affordable tiny house but does not want to build it themselves?

Roger Lehet is looking for singles, couples, and/or families with incredible stories who are willing to have their lives broadcast on national television. The Unforgettable Tiny House™ rock stars need to understand that appearing on television could cause them to rise to instant celebrity status within the tiny house community, so they should be ready to embrace the spotlight! Roger will personally be involved in each of the builds.

To meet the timeline, the tiny house rock stars must step forward quickly with cash in hand to pre-pay for their Unforgettable Tiny House™ kit and trailer, etc. so as to ensure that all materials are on hand at each location before the television crews arrive to film each build.

Interested parties should visit the website to choose one of three models designed for wheels. Note that prices listed do include doors and windows, but not trailers, roofing, stain, or appliances.

The Unforgettable Tiny House™ Kits are pre-milled from Siberian Spruce, which is light in weight and exceptionally strong with few knots. In the same manner that stick-built construction offers, empty shells can be left open or divided up and finished to one’s own needs, tastes, and budget.

Serious inquiries call: 1-855-872-7868 or 206-850-2322 for the fine print. As time is of the essence, please apply immediately!

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Maureen - June 28, 2018 Reply

Oh wow how i really need a tiny house especially because im disabled and smaller will work better how i wish i could get one based on my there a way? If you know someone who could donate everything that is needed. I have a heart condition and a smaller place would be great.

    Linda - July 2, 2018 Reply

    Hi Maureen,
    I am also disabled and would like a tiny house with the bedroom on the main floor. Maybe someday I’ll be able to get one. I hope you will get one and wish you the very best. Many blessings, Linda

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