Teardrops On The Plains Of Africa With Aeroteardrop Trailers

Janice and Brian are intrepid entrepreneurs who met “in the worst workplace in the world”. That fateful encounter led the two not only into their relationship, but also into two successful organizations, one of which has introduced a brand new teardrop trailer to the car-camping market. Aeroteardrop trailers makes well-built, semi-customizable trailers with so many feature options, your head would spin. One option is a “car-roof tent” designed for the African Plains to keep lions from doing what they naturally do…..eat people. Janice and Brian joined us in-studio to share their story, how they got to where they are and what’s next for this intrepid entrepreneurial couple. Take a listen! http://aeroteardrops.com

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Skype Customer Service - June 18, 2018 Reply

There two new invention which is really helpful for the normal people. The inventions are car teardrop and plain teardrop. That 2 are really helpful for the African people.

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