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Mideval Minimalist Planter Pot

My friend Marco has created the Egloo a small portable candle space heater which I did a review in the past. You can read my review here.

They are introducing a new product and I agreed to share it with you. Here is what they have to say about it.

We are Marco and Nicola, plant lovers and product designers who have created Midival – the beautiful geometric planters that bring harmony between architectural and natural style in a minimal design. The collection has been inspired by medieval architecture and has been designed from start to finish with simplicity and minimalism in mind.

Our goal is to make your home/office look elegant with this real gold-plated ceramic pots. All Midival are perfect for cactus and succulent planter, pair it with your favorite indoor plant to create a stylish and cozy atmosphere everyone will enjoy!

For us, it’s important that our products not only look good but also do good. That’s why our pots are handmade by talented and passionate artisans in Italy. The tradition of hand-making goods is critical to the preservation of culture and the sustainability of skilled labor. The time and attention-to-detail that goes into the creation of each piece are truly awe-inspiring, and because they’re handmade, no two Midival pots are the same.

The Midival plant pots come in three different shapes and sizes, all made in precious white glazed ceramic with real gold details. Midival pot fits all kinds of surfaces: shelves, desks, anywhere you want!

To help them succeed with this project they have created a Kickstarter program that if you choose you can join HERE.

I know that they create quality products from my experience with the Egloo. I have not seen these in person but they look great and would fit in a tiny house or small space.

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