Vintage Airstream to Beautiful Tiny Home in 2 Months


Allison and James are two adventurous tiny home dwellers from opposite sides of the world (Newfoundland and Australia). They met while working at a remote health care center on an island in the Pacific Northwest and have been living an adventure-based lifestyle together in tiny dwellings ever since. Home on … Read more

Wilderwise Two Story Tiny House

Wilderwise tiny house

Wilderwise is taking a custom approach to just about every aspect of their tiny home builds.  From the custom aluminum trailer that doubles as the floor foundation to the aluminum and SIP frame. What really sets these tiny homes apart is the fact that they expand and have a full-height … Read more

Build a Mortgage Eligible Tiny House

Atlas Cottage Home

Can you qualify for a standard mortgage with a tiny home? Yes, according to Aubrie Gibbons the Communications Manager for the Atlas Group Ltd. With her six years of experience in data entry, customer service, real estate, and marketing roles to support the team and its goals. She is uniquely … Read more

My tiny house is now an Airbnb.

Ethan's tiny house

Are you interested in listing a tiny house on Airbnb? It is exactly what I have been doing, so I thought I’d let you in on my experience. The purpose of this episode is to talk about what it’s been like turning my tiny house into an Airbnb, and things … Read more

Tiny, Low Impact Living

David Friedlander at tiny house

For more than a decade, David Friedlander has promoted tiny and low-impact living which has been featured in The New York Times, the Minimalism documentary, and many others. The objective of this wide-ranging conversation is to explore micro- living, hotel living, and what needs to change in our culture to … Read more

Full-Time Nomads the Ups and Downs

Alli and Gaylen on boat

Alli and Gaylen are the Sail Bums, a musical duo from Maine who lives on their 37-foot Endeavour sailboat. They are interviewed in this podcast by Ethan. On their boat, it is possible to record an album of music, and Alli and Gaylen do just that. Originally from Maine, they … Read more

Living on a Navy Warship Taught Me to Live Tiny

Living on a Navy Warship Taught Me to Live Tiny is this episode of Ethan interviewing Sabrina Bosserman. Sabrina is a professional skoolie builder. She tells what is involved in converting a skoolie into a beautiful rolling tiny home. Sabrina is a former Naval nuclear engineer who shares her experience … Read more

How and Why an Airstream Makes a Great Tiny House

1957 Airstream

Kate Oliver talks with Ethan about how she originally started with a DIY Airstream renovation which later led to her business. Most people are familiar with the iconic silver trailers of the 1950s. They have in recent years become very popular to renovate and either use as homes or as … Read more