International Vanlife Adventures

Frankie and Alex have been living tiny since 2019 in their tiny house on wheels. Paco the dog joined them in 2020.

To date, they have self-converted two work vans into tiny homes and have been enjoying van life all over North and Central America. They are full-time YouTubers and Podcasters.

Their brand FnA Van Life inspires countless others to dream of a life beyond the 4 walls of a home.

Frankie and Alex, aka FnA Van Life, have been living nomadically in Central and South America. They upgraded from their first van to their second van after about a year.

They enjoy sharing their journey via podcasting and YouTube. Frankie and Alex have some great stories, amazing tips, and wonderful energy to share.

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In This Episode:

  • RV or van? How FnA made their decision
  • Maintenance happens – a lot
  • Why and how they upgraded
  • Can you beat Frankie’s record?
  • Tips for living in close quarters

Links and Resources:

dining area

12 people can fit in there!

sleeping area

While the van is set up to cook in, sometimes it’s cheaper to eat out

dog sleeping

Being a good copilot is exhausting

sitting enjoying the view

Sometimes they go to coffee shops to work, but with a view like this they may stay home!

van in central america

Campsites are very affordable in Central and South America

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