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Tiny House Foundations with Bill Taha

tiny house on a foundation

If you’re in the market for a foundation for your tiny home and feeling uncertain about which materials to use or how to anchor it safely, you’re in luck! This week’s expert, Bill Taha, is a structural engineer with vast experience in designing modular tiny homes on wheels and permanent foundation options that are both … Read more

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Her Builder Bailed with Kate Bohn

Shell of the tiny house

I’m excited to share Ethan’s interview this week with Kate Bohn. One of the inspiring members of Ethan’s online tiny house community, Tiny House Engage. In this episode, Kate shares her journey of turning her tiny house dream into a reality, even when her original builder couldn’t finish the project. With her husband by her … Read more

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Extreme Minimalism The Philosophy

Van conversion

This week’s episode is all about the philosophy that helped shape a nomad’s life. Teekay Rezeau-Merah talks to Ethan about veganism, extreme minimalism, and nomadism and the principles that guide him in this world. Subscribe to Tiny House Lifestyle Podcast via Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, More… In This Episode: How veganism led to minimalism The nomadic mindset Slow living and … Read more

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International Vanlife Adventures

van on the beach

Frankie and Alex have been living tiny since 2019 in their tiny house on wheels. Paco the dog joined them in 2020. To date, they have self-converted two work vans into tiny homes and have been enjoying van life all over North and Central America. They are full-time YouTubers and Podcasters. Their brand FnA Van … Read more

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