Making Your Home Unique with Lee Pera

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by all the rules and laws about tiny houses? Well, today Ethan has a special guest, Lee Pera, who is here to help us understand everything in a simple way.

We’ll talk about things like building codes and regulations for tiny houses. Lee will tell us about the latest updates and what they mean for people who want to live in a tiny house. I

f you’re curious about the legal side of tiny house living, this episode of the Tiny House Lifestyle Podcast is perfect for you.

You’ll learn a lot and get practical tips if you’re thinking about building or living in a tiny home.

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In This Episode:

  • Tiny house legal landscape: Lee shares insights on navigating regulations and building codes in the tiny house industry, including the IRC, Appendix Q, and ASTM efforts to create standards.
  • Global tiny house movement: The global appeal of tiny houses and intentional communities, as well as the challenges and opportunities in different countries and regions.
  • DIY vs professional builders: Exploring the benefits and considerations of RV certification, financing options, and the importance of building standards for both DIY builders and professional builders.
  • Tiny homes on wheels: Examining the challenges and opportunities of building and living in tiny homes on wheels, including off-site construction regulations and creative approaches to navigating zoning requirements.
  • Financing and mortgages: Discussing the potential for offering mortgages on tiny homes, the affordability of traditional mortgages versus high-interest RV loans, and the challenges banks face in providing financing for movable houses.
  • Pandemic response and global building trends: Highlighting the growing interest in container homes and building trends in response to the pandemic, including exploring cost-effective options in different countries.
  • Sustainable practices: Addressing sustainable practices such as composting toilets, natural and eco-friendly building materials, and the importance of working with local communities to avoid gentrification and displacement

Making Your Home Unique

Making Your Home Unique

Making Your Home Unique

2 thoughts on “Making Your Home Unique with Lee Pera”

  1. We need our housing freedom restored. As long as a home is not a threat to anyone’s health or safety, then any restriction against that home is a misapplication of the police power and should be null and void. Our Declaration of Independence clearly states that we are all equal and have the self-evident, inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. SHELTER IS A NECESSITY OF LIFE.
    A free and fair housing market is capitalism. Exclusionary zoning restrictions are interfering with a free market. Exclusionary zoning creates poverty, concentrates poverty and perpetuates poverty. Poverty = crime. People would be able to save more for retirement, retire sooner and live comfortably in retirement. People would more easily be able to MOVE and participate in the economy. Freedom does NOT mean the freedom to take away someone else’s freedom. That is the principle Lincoln used to issue the Emancipation Proclamation. Biden could use this same principle to issue the Housing Freedom Restoration Proclamation: as long as a home is not a threat to anyone’s health or safety, then any restriction against that home is null and void. It’s your house, your money, your life, your choice and no one else’s business.

    • Well said, and so true. Emphasis on “as long as a home is not a threat to anyone’s health or safety” – too many people care more about how the home looks, rather than anything else – people just follow some home fashion, and fashion changes every 20 years or so. Here in the Northeast, the Not In My Backyard Syndrome is alive and thriving.


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