Mal’s Mushroom House

A Fairy Tale-Styled Tiny Home with Innovative Renovations with Mallory Rankin

A tiny house dweller who preferred a home that was stationary versus a movable one.

Mallory’s unique tiny home is a 500-square-foot fairy-tale home she renovated. She was able to do the renovation very affordably by being creative. Mallory used countertop cabinet wraps. She also used trim boards to make an accent wall stand out.

In this podcast, she shares where she stores all her belongings. Mallory is quite the personality and Ethan enjoys this quick chat with here.

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In This Episode:

  • Mushroom House: Mallory Rankin’s unique stationary tiny house with a fairy tale theme.
  • Countertop Wrapping and Cabinet Wraps: Inexpensive interior renovations using waterproof materials to enhance the appearance of countertops and cabinets.
  • Finding Storage Solutions: Creative strategies for organizing and storing belongings in limited space.
  • Enjoying Downsizing and Minimalism: Embracing a simpler lifestyle and being less attached to material possessions.
  • Cooking Challenges in a Tiny Kitchen: Limited space and lack of a pantry requiring creativity in meal preparation.
  • Embracing Solitude and Hobbies: Adjusting to and finding fulfillment in the solitude of tiny house living.
  • Fascinating History of Mallory’s House: Stories about the previous occupant and iconic fire truck parked in front.
  • Insights from Mallory: Mallory’s renovations, storage solutions, and the challenges and joys of tiny house living.


  • Mallory and her tiny house

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