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In this November issue of Tiny House Magazine, we have a great lineup of articles to keep you inspired about living the tiny house life.

Meet master carpenter, Chris Strathy, who shares his journey of constructing his off-grid forever home using reclaimed materials. Discover how recycling and reusing can not only save you money but also add character and uniqueness to your tiny house.

Ladybugs vs. Japanese beetles – it’s a tiny house showdown! Learn how to keep these little critters at bay and protect your cozy space from unwanted intruders. Your tiny house deserves to stay pest-free.

Laura M. LaVoie shares her story of how transitioning to a tiny house sparked a mental shift that transformed her life. Find out how downsizing can lead to personal growth and success in ways you never imagined.

Explore the world of affordable and efficient tiny living with the Grumpy Bear Camper. This molded fiberglass truck camper offers a lightweight shell, high-quality cabinetry, and a straightforward design, making it the perfect companion for your tiny adventures.

We hope you enjoy this issue filled with valuable insights, tips, and inspiration for your tiny house journey. Stay tuned for more tiny house goodness in the next edition of Tiny House Magazine!

Inside this issue you will find:

  • Caffeinated Conversations On Reuse
  • These Little Lights of Mine
  • When Ladybugs Aren’t So Lady Like
  • On The Cover – Modern Tiny Living
  • Small Spaces, Big Living Embracing a Mindset Shift
  • Maybe You Don’t Need a Different House
  • Just Right – Grumpy Bear Campers

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Here are a few pages from this issue.

Tiny House Magazine issue 131 index

coffee image

Tiny Living construction

mindset change

Just right camper

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