Modern Kazakh Yurt

I’ve always been a big fan of yurts. Their simplicity and strengths in all types of weather as well as their portability is a big reason to consider this type of structure.

DesignBoom recently published an article about Nurgisa Architects. A company that has introduced the concept of the Modern Kazakh Yurt.

By using curved plywood panel segments to shape a transformable yurt. The layout accommodates bedroom, kitchen, and toilet areas. With a 25-sqm perimeter.

modern yurt desing

The exterior of plywood panel segments features a flexible polymer film embedded with organic semiconductors, which generates electricity.

Each square meter of the electric polymer film produces 1 kW/hour, with additional electricity supplied by telescopic elements, contributing 5.3 kW.

Modern Kazakh Yurts

The generated power is stored in batteries for household appliance use.

Though this is still just a concept I hope to see this developed in the near future. It would be perfect for many places around the world, not just a replacement for the old time yurt.

Architect: Nurgissa Architects

Images courtesy of Nurgisa Architects

yurts in the high country

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