DIY Tiny House Built By Retired Teacher

tiny house

Bill Knapp is a retired industrial Arts teacher who after 8 years of teaching teenagers General Shop, printing, and drafting; migrated to teaching adults Industrial skills such as pneumatics, robotics, and electronics. He retired in 2005 and managed his own construction company renovating inner-city row houses and single-family homes. Bill … Read more

Small Space Interior Design

Interior Avion LaGrande travel trailer

Sarah is an experienced interior designer specializing in small spaces. Through her business, Sukkha Interior Design, she helps people create ‘happy homes’ that are not only beautiful but will bring positive change in their daily existence and overall well-being. In 2020 she finally achieved her years-long dream of designing and … Read more

Matt Paxton and the Bumpy Road to Minimalism

Bumpy Road to Minimalism banner

Matt Paxton is one of the top downsizing and decluttering experts in the country. He is the host of the 2-time Emmy nominated series Legacy List with Matt Paxton on PBS and was a featured cleaner on the hit television show HOARDERS for 15 seasons. Matt is also the author … Read more

Songwriter Annie Corbet Sings about Tiny Houses

The Green Dream tiny house

Ethan found out about this week’s guest when Annie released a hilarious music video about romance in the tiny house loft, inspired by her own tiny house. In this conversation, Annie tells Ethan how going tiny affected her music, what makes her tiny house unique, and how five years of … Read more

My Builder Forgot My Furnace

large tiny home

Megan Lockhart doesn’t try to hide the things that are struggles for her and her family and she’s also great about advocating for the benefits of tiny living. Megan talks about the pros and cons, trials and tribulations, and the immense benefit Megan feels she and her family get from … Read more

Successful Entrepreneur Lives in a Van

2013 Sprinter van

Why would an entrepreneur who has raised millions of dollars through crowdfunding live in a van? Vanlife doesn’t seem common amongst the startup and tech crowd. Rob Rast is living this alternative lifestyle while successfully running his e-mobility business. Rob got a van that was converted already. Rob was on … Read more

Modular Building and Tiny Homes

manufactured tiny house

Abby Shank saw a demand for better quality tiny homes with a quicker build time and set out to do just that. With almost a decade of experience in the tiny home industry, Abby is eager to provide a better quality build and living experience through her homes and communities. … Read more

Why Tiny Homes are Important

Macy and Ethan interview

Macy Miller is a mother teacher and staunch advocate of living tiny. She designed and built her family’s tiny home in 2011. Her now iconic tiny house has been featured in Time and Dwell magazine. She’s influenced Tiny House enthusiasts around the world while lobbying for change in the international … Read more

Unique Floating Tiny Home Lifestyle

floating cabin

Sarah and Brandon are a North Carolina-based couple living with their dog Iko in an off-grid floating cabin on Lake Fontana in the Great Smoky Mountains. They live fully off-grid with no cell service and they are only accessible by boat. They bought and fully renovated their 225-square-foot tiny home … Read more

Living a Short Skoolie Lifestyle

Sarge the School bus conversion

Stefanie recently had a short school bus converted into a tiny home on wheels. Short school buses are in the same class as vans, U-Hauls, and ambulances, which means that this wonderful option for full-time tiny living is sometimes overlooked. Stefanie designed it to be like a home. She wanted … Read more