Tiny House Podcast - Part 2

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My Builder Forgot My Furnace

large tiny home

Megan Lockhart doesn’t try to hide the things that are struggles for her and her family and she’s also great about advocating for the benefits of tiny living. Megan talks about the pros and cons, trials and tribulations, and the immense benefit Megan feels she and her family get from the tiny house lifestyle. Megan … Read more

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Modular Building and Tiny Homes

manufactured tiny house

Abby Shank saw a demand for better quality tiny homes with a quicker build time and set out to do just that. With almost a decade of experience in the tiny home industry, Abby is eager to provide a better quality build and living experience through her homes and communities. Abby is solving that problem … Read more

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Why Tiny Homes are Important

Macy and Ethan interview

Macy Miller is a mother teacher and staunch advocate of living tiny. She designed and built her family’s tiny home in 2011. Her now iconic tiny house has been featured in Time and Dwell magazine. She’s influenced Tiny House enthusiasts around the world while lobbying for change in the international residential code to allow for … Read more

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