Small Space Interior Design

Sarah is an experienced interior designer specializing in small spaces. Through her business, Sukkha Interior Design, she helps people create ‘happy homes’ that are not only beautiful but will bring positive change in their daily existence and overall well-being.

In 2020 she finally achieved her years-long dream of designing and living in her own tiny home when she purchased and renovated a 1973 Avion LaGrande travel trailer. She has been living in her tiny dream home with her dog Albus for a year now and loving every second.

In this episode, Sarah talks with Ethan about her favorite interior design products for small spaces, and helpful tips for you as you plan out your tiny house.

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In This Episode:

  • Renovating a 1973 Avion LaGrande
  • To move or not to move?
  • Understanding how the house will be used
  • Lightweight design considerations

Links and Resources:

1973 Avion LaGrande travel trailer

Sarah lives in a 1973 Avion LaGrande travel trailer

remodeled trailer

She completely renovated the interior

bed and cabinets

Sarah built her cabinets by herself


A nice work from home space where Sarah consults with interior design clients


She compromised by tiling only the floor in her bathroom

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