Tiny House Landscape - Part 2

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Just Park It: Tiny House Village in the Land of Enchantment

In episode 9 of Today’s Tiny House Parking spot, we travel with our tiny house on wheels into the Land of Enchantment. There we parked at the Animas Valley Village, a new tiny house/RV community.  It is located just over the Colorado state-line into New Mexico. The village is surrounded by beautiful spruce and golden … Read more

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Tiny House In a Landscape

The Santa Claus Haus in a North Carolina landscape and a beautiful sunset. Photo courtesy of Amy Henion. Designed as a marketing method for the modern tiny house movement as well as a way to promote the 2017 TinyHouseNC Street Festival, the Santa Claus Haus has already become a holiday staple in the Lenoir Co. … Read more

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Tiny House in a Landscape

We previously lived on two campgrounds while patiently contemplating options and praying that God would guide us. In our search for land that might not conform to the average property buyer’s needs, hoping to be allowed to park, knowing we might need to find contentment with whatever odd or imperfect opportunity that arises, we found … Read more

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