Tiny House Landscape - Part 3

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Tiny House in a Landscape

Meet Lil Blue, a cozy, 120 sq.ft., single loft, tiny house on wheels, located in central Iowa. Owned by Sarah and Jordan, this tiny house has been perfect for the young couple as they have refined their dreams, saved some money, and strengthened their storybook relationship. Currently for sale on Tiny House Listings (http://bit.ly/2sdSfg9) Lil … Read more

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Llamalopolis, an Urban Tiny Living Oasis

Ten thousand miles into our exploratory tiny house road trip, we found ourselves in the infamous Sin City. Along with the dancing neon lights and innumerable casinos, downtown Vegas hosts many bustling small businesses, especially at the magnificent Container Park, countless brightly colored murals and seen strolling down streets are locals and tourists alike, even families. The … Read more

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