Tiny House Journeys – Tiny House Magazine Issue 66

As I was putting together this issue I noticed how much of a journey tiny living is to so many people. These journeys come in a variety of ways.

Joshua Becker lists how creating a minimalist life dramatically changed his and his family’s life for the better, and Tiffany Bee talks about her vacation in a seemingly perfect tiny house and how it was not up to her (or others) expectations.

Brynn Burger shares what it’s like to live as a family of four and “Roadschool” in a tiny house as well as the challenges and fun that comes with the tiny house life. Lora Freeman shares the challenge of relocating her tiny house (twice) and what she learned by making the moves, and Mario Soto writes about his journey toward tiny house 2.0.

We can start our own journey by visiting festivals and taking a vacation in a tiny house. We can implement simple living into our lives just as they are today.

Enjoy these articles and much more in this issue.

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