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Eric’s Tiny House on Shared, Traditional Property

“I’m glad we were living in the house before it was finished,” Eric says. “Over time, it formed to us. Our love is in the building of it.”

Eric and his daughter, Natalia, enjoy the large bedroom loft in their tiny house.

Tiny House Blog readers may remember Eric Jacob’s tiny “McMansion” a few years ago. Eric built his house with the help of high school students at Galena High School in Reno, Nev. Eric’s house is now finished and he shares it with his wife, their five-month-old daughter, and their pug dog, Lou.

The baby’s crib as well as a shortened rocking chair also fit inside the sleeping loft.

Eric and his wife, Abbie, lived for several years in the tiny house while it was still being completed. With no water, power or even walls, the couple realized over time what worked and what didn’t work for their lifestyle. The house is now a cozy nest for their small family. It features a main living area with a couch, a bookshelf ladder for access to a reading loft, a main loft bedroom with a king bed and cradle, an ofuro tub in the bathroom, and a very functional kitchen.

“We do tons and tons of cooking in here,” Eric says.

The main living space has a couch with storage…

…and the kitchen features a stockpile of ingredients.

The house can be heated with a wood stove, but Eric says it can get too hot.

The tiny house is parked on rural property owned by Eric and Abbie, his mother, and Eric’s sister. The property has a traditional home, several outbuildings, his mother’s converted fifth wheel, and lots of trees and gardens.

“I call the situation ‘idealism-realism’,” Eric says. “Being mobile and totally off the grid is just too expensive.” Eric was able to run water and electrical lines from the main to the tiny house instead of relying on solar panels.

The bedroom loft is accessed with a staircase flanked by a desk.

The second loft is accessed by a bookshelf ladder…

…and is used as a reading and TV nook.

The bathroom has a composting toilet and ofuro-style tub/shower.

With the traditional house acting as a central facility, the tiny house can be so much more than a mobile space. The entire family shares property maintenance, laundry facilities, and electrical and water lines—making for a convenient multi-family living situation.

Eric and his wife like to climb up and sit on the home’s roof.

The family doesn’t stay in the tiny house all the time. Abbie has her own creative studio located inside a shed and Eric does woodworking projects inside another shed. The couple plan on having more children and eventually building them their own tiny bedroom structures. The couple also plan on expanding the two lofts into a second story to accommodate a growing family.

Learn more about Eric’s tiny house and handyman projects at Tiny Enhancements, LLC.


Photos by Christina Nellemann and Eric Jacobs

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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