Why Resale Tiny Homes Can Be Your Ticket To The Tiny Life

Ten years ago the modern tiny house movement was cemented in the DIY mindset. If you were going to live in a tiny house on wheels you were going to have to build it yourself. In fact, when we started our build in early 2010 the scene was little more than a sort of Wild, Wild West. People were struggling to find trailers that would hold the weight of a house. People were asking how to fasten a house down to a trailer. Bathrooms were a complete mystery. In fact, most people resorted to the RV industry for ideas. As time passed though and the media started picking up on “the fad”, folks with experience in the building trades started coming forward and advertising tiny house builds. It seemed as if they were holding on to a secret no one else could unearth. By 2014 television shows began to crop up, print media started taking notice, and contractors were re-branding themselves as tiny home builders. Something was taking shape. It was what was needed and since then tiny houses have become safer, more stylish, and time-proven. Of course, brand new tiny houses have become quite a bit more expensive than those early DIY models, but there is much to be said for such. When it comes to building your own tiny house or contracting a builder to build a brand new one for you, the project can become costly, tiresome, time-consuming, and downright frustrating. All hope does not have to be lost though. With old homes and new homes come previous owned homes; the used market. This is where most people are finding the most success. The benefits are great and purchasing a pre-owned home can be the way into the tiny lifestyle you have been hoping for!

      1. Time Saver
        Buying a pre-owned tiny home or cottage saves you time. You don’t have to wait for months (or in some cases a year or so) before moving into your new home. As soon as you pay the money and the contracts and documents are signed, your ownership is established and you can immediately turn the key for your home.
      2. Money Saver
        A pre-owned home is usually cheaper than a newly-constructed one. If the current owner needs to sell there are usually some pretty good bargains to be had. Buying a previously owned home typically comes at a lower cost due to depreciation.  A good number of homes also come with appliances, fixtures, and finishes. Those are costly items that don’t need to be purchased.
      3. Environment Saver
        Buying a pre-owned home helps save the environment.  One of the pillars of the modern tiny house movement is one of sustainability. New construction means new materials which mean cutting down more trees and harvesting more minerals. Consider purchasing a pre-owned home to be an effort of recycling.
      4. Effort Saver
        A pre-owned home saves a lot of mental effort. You don’t have to vet and choose a contractor. You don’t have to develop a blueprint. You don’t have to pull permits. It can be a golden opportunity in terms of your sanity.
      5. Discomfort Saver
        Moving into a new neighborhood an be a bit of a surprise. By purchasing a previously-owned home that is already parked you can meet with the neighbors before giving good faith monies. It truly is a “try before you buy it” situation.

There are several resources available to purchase a pre-owned home. Perhaps the largest is the website Tiny House Listings. They are like the MLS of tiny houses allowing anyone, anywhere to list a tiny house or cottage. There are also pre-existing, legal communities such as Simple Life in Flat Rock, NC that offer a number of attractive, cozy pre-owned cottages in the mountains of the Blue Ridge in Flat Rock, NC. One of the perks of purchasing in such a fashion is that you aren’t just purchasing a home but also the location. Simple Life’s pre-owned homes come with the lot lease and access to a number of amenities such as a Clubhouse, swimming pool, yoga studio, workout center, bocce ball court, and more!

Would you consider a pre-owned home? Do you find the deals on previously owned to be worthwhile? Let us know in the comment section below!

By Andrew M. Odom for the [Tiny House Blog]

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