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Egloo Small Portable Space Heater

Marco contacted me quite a while back and asked me to check out and review his new creation called the Egloo, a small candle powered space heater. I agreed as I thought this sounded like something someone living in a small space might like, and I was also curious if and how it would work. […]

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Tiny House Wood Stove: The Kimberly

Looking for a wood stove made specifically for tiny houses? Look no further. Heating a tiny house with wood can be a serious challenge, but that problem has been solved by Roger Lehet and his innovating gasifier stove called the Kimberly. With winter closing in fast, there’s no better to stay warm, and stay tiny, […]

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Want the Best Electric Combi Boiler for Your Tiny House?

  The British have been keeping a secret… But now the jig is up, because Tiny House Blog is on to them! What’s the big deal? Combination boilers! (Combi for short.)   Best Combi Boilers for Tiny Houses: Best Gas Model: Westinghouse Condensing Combination Boiler Price: $1,957 Pros: – Including heat-harvesting gas condensing capability – […]

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