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Want the Best Electric Combi Boiler for Your Tiny House?

  The British have been keeping a secret… But now the jig is up, because Tiny House Blog is on to them! What’s the big deal? Combination boilers! (Combi for short.)   Best Combi Boilers for Tiny Houses: Best Gas Model: Westinghouse Condensing Combination Boiler Price: $1,957 Pros: – Including heat-harvesting gas condensing capability – […]

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Best Tiny Wood Stoves for Small Houses

Want the style and comfort of a wood burning stove, but don’t know which model to choose? Worry not, because the Tiny House Blog is here to help you select the right stove for you! Check out our list of the best wood stoves for tiny houses below. (By the way, if you want to […]

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