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Stovetec Stove Review

Stovetec fire

by Case Turner A while back I wrote to you about the Stovetec stove. I purchased one of the two door models and thought you might like to include a brief write up on its performance. Granted, this is an outdoor stove, but it works great for cooking and would be a fantastic alternative for […]

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Roger Lehet’s Kimberly Stove

I am excited to introduce to you Roger Lehet and his new Made in America Kimberly Stove. I have been communicating with Roger since back in July when he contacted me about his soon to be manufactured stove. Though initially designed for boats, he felt it would work great in small and tiny homes. Roger’s […]

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NewAir AC-14000H Air Conditioner Review

One of the perks that comes with writing a blog is that occasionally I am approached to write a review about a product that a company feels would work in the tiny/small house world. Recently, I received a big package in the mail with a NewAir AC-14000H Air Conditioner in it. It had been recommended […]

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Natura Lite Stove

Here is a new invention that may help Tiny Home owners achieve independence from propane or electricity for cooking their meals, The Natura Lite stove by Lodge-tech, it uses 100% vegetable oil. It operates similar to a water cooler by keeping the fluid level the same, the yellow flame of the stove burns at a […]

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