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Cubic Mini Wood Stoves for Tiny Houses

Cubic Mini Wood Stoves manufactures miniature stoves from their shop in Saint-Laurent, Quebec, Canada, that are portable, fuel-efficient, and well-constructed. It is the ideal heater for small structures such as tiny houses, boats, etc.

As I have not had the opportunity to use one or even see one in person. I asked Andrew the General Manager of Cubic Mini Wood Stoves a few questions that I think would help you in your quest for a tiny wood stove for your tiny space.

1) How did the product come to be?

The creator of the Cubic Mini Wood Stove and owner of the company was looking for something to remove the humidity out of the cabin of his sailboat. There was nothing on the market that suited his needs, so he created the first Cubic Mini Wood Stove. From there, it was modified and perfected. It did an amazing job of improving the conditions in the cabin. So much so, that he was able to extend his boating season. Since he had the stove in his boat, many other sailors saw the stove and were in absolute awe. Due to the reaction he received from the stove he then began to produce them, and this is how the Cubic came to be.

2) Where do people install them?

Our stoves were originally designed for boats. However, since then, we have seen people install them in everything, from tree houses, to school buses, vans, fishing huts and so many more…

3) Can it do other things than just heat?

As mentioned earlier, it can remove humidity out of the space. If you place a pot of water on top of it, it will boil the water for cooking, or act as a humidifier. You can also cook on top, and warm up left overs. It is also a great conversation piece, offering long warm nights by the fire.

4) They are mini but, how small are they?

The Cub is roughly 11″ x 12″ x 10.5″. The Grizzly is just about 12″ x 11″ x 15 “. It all depends on where the measurements are taken from. You can see a diagram of each stove with specific measurements on each of their respective product pages.

5) What size space do they heat?

The Cub is designed to heat 100-200 sq feet and the Grizzly can heat 200-400 sq feet.

6) Where can we get one?

Orders can be placed right on our website and we ship directly to the client.

7) How much are they?

They range from $499 to $649 (Canadian dollars) at the reduced pricing we have currently.

8) What makes them different than other stoves?

There are a few things that make our stoves unique. The first is the quality (for the price). The other, is our stoves are made in Canada and are not imported from China. The third would be, its secondary combustion system in such a small stove is also very rare.

9) What fuels can it burn?

The best fuel to burn is a well seasoned hard wood, or pressed logs. Those burn clean, for a long time, and produce a good amount of heat, compared to soft woods which will dirty the pipe up quicker and produce less heat.

10) How does the secondary combustion system work?

Once the stove gets up to temperature (about 20 minutes after lighting the stove), the secondary combustion is ready to go. You activate it by pulling the lever found under the stove. This opens the air intake and the air gets pulled in, and gets super heated. It gets mixed into the upper portion of the fire box where the air mixes with the smoke and gets ignited. This will produce heat with energy, otherwise lost up the flue pipe. It also consumes the smoke so the emissions are less due to this system.

I hope answers most of your questions about this little stove. If you do have further questions and want to learn more be sure and visit their website HERE.

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