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September 10, 2018

A New Look into the Little Guy Max Trailer

The August (#68) issue of Tiny House Magazine features an interview with Chris Baum of Little Guy Trailers and Liberty Outdoors and the new Max and Mini Max camping trailers. The Max and the Mini Max trailers are Little Guy’s foray into the larger trailer market, but both of them can still be towed by SUVs or light trucks. They are both extremely good looking as well.

The Little Guy Max is a 21-foot trailer that includes everything you need for the road.

“The majority of our design team is under the age of 35 and we have a fresh look,” Baum says. “Also, over 60 percent of our buyers have never owned a camper before. They like to hike, kayak and are outdoors the majority of the time so we needed to build a trailer to meet their lifestyle. In addition, buyers love their cars and want to be able to use the same vehicle to both camp and go to the grocery store in. Our customer spends their time at national and state parks so they need a trailer to meet that lifestyle.”

Photographer Kristin Hinnant towed the Max around the American West with her family.

Baum was kind to send us some new photos of the 21-foot Max out and about in the American West. The photos were shot by Kristin Hinnant, a blogger for Little Guy’s LG Stories. The Max weighs 3,140 lb. and includes everything you need for tiny living on the road for three people. The dedicated bedroom has a stargazing skylight and television. The wet bath has a 3-function sprayer that conserves water. The kitchen has plenty of workspace and a four cubic fridge/freezer next to the main closet. The dinette is what makes the Max really stand out. It is large enough to convert into a single bed and has a hidden television inside the window cabinet.

The Max has room for three people and some great details like the stargazing skylight.

Baum says that Little Guy’s plans are to keep innovating and be a leader in the under 3,500 lb. trailer market while still listening to customers for needed changes.

The dinette converts into a twin bed complete with hidden television.

“With me being on the road almost 150 days this year that’s going to continue to happen,” Baum says. “We have an amazing back of the house, front of the house, and dealer body so we truly are a team. And with close to 75 percent of sales bring referral related we will never lose site of that.”

Photos courtesy of Chris Baum/Kristin Hinnant


By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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Tinyhousecitizens - September 10, 2018 Reply

Cool Rv, it looks bigger inside and nature-friendly, thanks for sharing are you using a solar panel for your RV?

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