Tiny House Challenge – HGTV Design Star

A special HGTV Design Star for tiny house enthusiasts will show Monday evening. The three finalists will be competing to create interiors of three Tumbleweed Box Bungalow tiny houses. These are based off of Jay Shafer’s latest designs of the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company and from his new book and plans the DIY Tiny House book which sells for $19.95. Plans are available for the Box Bungalow for $49.95

There is a lot of secrecy as to what the designers will actually be doing but I am hoping that they will be asked to design a complete house that includes a bathroom and kitchen and a sleeping area. Can you image what we can learn from HGTV and these expert designers?

The show airs for the first time on Labor Day, Monday September 5, 2010 at 9/8c and again on September 6 at 12 am. If you miss the live broadcast the show will also be posted on Hulu on September 9th.

If you’d like to take part in a chat on Twitter during the show the folks at Tumbleweed will be hosting via hashtag #DSTumbleweed.

If you’re new to the idea of downsizing, please take some time to look around the Tiny House Blog and you will learn what it is all about.

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Angie - September 4, 2011 Reply

I like these little houses and the colors.
I would like them further apart and with a porch if used in real life situation.
I will be watching to see what is done. A combination of two of my favorite things – Tiny Houses and Design Star show.

Dovie - September 4, 2011 Reply

I’m so excited to watch this! I’m also excited for Jay and all the awesome publicity.

Victoria - Ozarks Crescent Mural - September 4, 2011 Reply

So cool. Haven’t missed an episode yet. Can’t wait til tomorrow.

Krystal - September 5, 2011 Reply

I’ve never really watched the show before until today, when I viewed the last episode. I like shows like these, so I can’t wait to see what these contestants will whip up!

Stan - September 5, 2011 Reply

I don’t watch much TV but I’ll have to find someone who has HGTV so I can watch this.

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Shea - September 5, 2011 Reply

This IS TOO COOL! I’m a fan and avid watcher of HGTV’s Design Star, but when I heard last week that, this upcoming episode, they would be ‘designing for an entire home’, I (and thousands of other loyal fans) had no idea those ‘whole houses’ would be the ‘tiny home’ variety (and specifically, the Tumbleweed House company!;-) however, it makes PERFECT SENSE, as I had worried right along with the designers as to how they were possibly going to be able to do so (design for an ‘entire house’ this challenge, even in a weekend…
If they are ,indeed, designing on Tiny Homes, I say ‘Way to GO?!!’ and am REALLY LOOKIG FORWARD this THIS episode… 😉

Hazel - September 5, 2011 Reply

How can those of us without television or HGTV see this?

Irene - September 5, 2011 Reply

So wonderful that tiny houses are being showcased on a large network like HGTV. Thanks for letting us know. Watch a lot of shows on HGTV but have not seen this one, will be happy to watch!

Kim Richards - September 6, 2011 Reply

I loved the show last night. Only disappointed that they weren’t challenged to fit a shower in the space as well! But all of them were well done, nice space planning, some great designs, loved the use of color.

    Lucas - September 6, 2011 Reply

    So, did they abandon the Japanese Ofuro that Jay showed on the original video? What did they offer instead? Looking forward to Hulu posting!

Angie - September 6, 2011 Reply

I enjoyed it last night also. The two that stayed had really good ideas, and the one that left, was good ideas but the belts on the wall were sorta strange and useless. I think he would have done better with a mural or something on one of the walls. That kitchen was nice.

Dovie - September 6, 2011 Reply

I just watched it on hgtv.com. They got it up fast!

I was…disappointed. I really didn’t like the designs any of the designers put out. I know I should cut them some slack, but it just seems like most of the tinyhouseblog readers could have designed a better house with a “design eye.”

I also would have loved to see more of the house and less of the typical “omgi’msorushed” moments.

Ilana - September 6, 2011 Reply

So frickin exciting!!!

A great BIG Congrats!!!


PS – thanks for helping make tiny living “mainstream”, it really helps my relationship with my family <3

susanna - September 6, 2011 Reply

Grammar police here…just a note… the contraction of “you are” is you’re not your. Your is the possessive of you. Thanks.

Wendy - September 6, 2011 Reply

Thought the male finalist did a kicka ss job on using space really well.

nicholas - September 6, 2011 Reply

Here’s the link to the episode. Don’t have any other means of watching it 🙂


Stan - September 6, 2011 Reply

Meg’s was the only house I really liked the other two I just felt I didn’t even see. They were cramped and dark so nothing stuck in my head. I really liked the idea of putting the closet and bathroom at the front to form a corridor also.

wyndwalkr - September 7, 2011 Reply

Only one contestant made a loft bedroom. I guess the other two figured you slept on the sofa.

The bathroom midway along the side did nothing to make the places appear roomier, for the two guys who chose to go that route. And of course they were all just cubbies for porta-potties, no showers.

The large windows on the back walls really stopped amyone from having the tiny bath and kitchen where they usually are on the littliest Tumbleweeds.

Oh well, I haven’t watched HGTV much at all lately, since they quit having the shows Small Spaces Big Style and Decorating Cents. I guess that shows my mindset: Do it small and do it cheap!!

    Dovie - September 7, 2011 Reply

    I agree. The placement of the back windows did make the layout difficult. And I do miss Decorating Cents. A lot of the stuff may have cheesy and cheaply done, but it was my favorite for it’s entire run!

    Timaree - September 10, 2011 Reply

    Actually all three had loft beds but Megs was too small to use well. Who wants their head shoved into the wall edge of the roof angle?

Lucas - September 7, 2011 Reply

Watched the show last night. Not that impressed, especially the toilet closet. If you watch the open house video posted on here weeks ago, you’ll see that Jay’s design stays true to the vision of the tumbleweed. Lots of woodgrain and allegiance to the craftsman style. These shows are all about aesthetics and never functionality. I do like Small Space, Big Style because they seemed to capture function better on there.

Jeff - September 7, 2011 Reply

I love tumbleweed but this show is pretty terrible.

Aldene - September 10, 2011 Reply

I liked the idea of the kitchen being along one side of the house; that was cool. I’m leaning toward Karl’s design, and actually liked the brighter colors, even though it closed the place in a bit. I’m not a claustrophobe, so no biggy.

I wish someone would figure out how to put a tub in the thing without eating up all the space! Maybe a little bathroom at the end of the house, with a small tub along one long wall, and the kitchen located in front of it perpendicular to the long wall. Someone solves that design problem, I may start building tomorrow!

Marcia Weber - September 10, 2011 Reply

I look forward to seeing this!

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Lisa Proctor - May 16, 2012 Reply

So am i to understand that if you keep it under 108 square feet it doesn’t require a building permit under the ontario building code even though i would have plumbing and electrical?

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