Book Contest Winner and Readers’ Top 10

Thank you to everyone for commenting on the Labor Day book giveaway post. We got a record number of comments! It was so nice to hear from all the Tiny House Blog readers on their favorite tiny homes. The favorites ran the gamut from pre-fab to cob to gypsy wagons and tiny stone houses. Many readers also liked the tiny house in a landscape posts.

We picked a random winner. Everyone please congratulate Sherri of the Mobile Home Woman for winning the contest and a mini library of simple living and house design books. Sherri lives with her daughters in a 800 square foot trailer that she bought for $800, which is located on an urban homestead filled with gardens. She’s a graphic artist and a bluegrass musician who loves simple living and the Tiny House Blog. Her favorite tiny house is a gypsy caravan or gypsy truck. Congratulations Sherri!

We also tallied up the top favorite tiny houses and a few runners-up:

Simon’s Eco-house

Tiny Texas Homes

Hilde’s Cob Cabin

Green Line Architects Tree House


Little Red Cabin


The E.D.G.E.

Tiny House in a Landscape: Thatched Getaway


Runners up: Pennypincher’s Baby Bear Cabin, Tiny House in a Landscape: In the Snow, PAD: Don Vardo Plans, That RoundHouse

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

7 Comments Book Contest Winner and Readers’ Top 10

    1. Claudia

      The Fencl has stiff competition these days, and I completely agree with the #1 pick!

      What breaks my heart about the cob house — which is an absolute jewel — is that the owner only uses it as a guest house for friends and family, so no one actually lives in it fulltime.

  1. Kent Griswold

    This was fun, maybe we will do it again sometime soon, not just once in 3 and a half years. Maybe a free set of plans or something along those lines. I’ll have to talk to some tiny house designers :-)

  2. Sherri

    Well, I am so excited to have won! I just never win anything!!! And I so love this blog and all the beautiful loved little homes. I know my Moby is kinda towards the large size at 800 sq feet, but that’s no garage or basement and I do have TWO teenagers!!! (And one bathroom, mind you… haha) I just can’t wait too look through these lovely books and get more ideas for my small space! Thanks so much!!


  3. Tara

    Great contest and a deserving winner!

    I wanted to use this post to express my gratitude towards Kent and his blog. I log in every morning and I am always inspired by every post.


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