Victorian Tiny Texas House

A couple of days ago, I was chatting with Brad Kittel of Tiny Texas Houses and he sent me some new pictures of one of his recent homes, this cute little Victorian.

The wooden Victorian is a 12′ x 20′ and it is located in Canyon Lake, Texas. It is lined with 1800 circa metal roofing tiles in the bath area. It also has their new ladder design and a nice rounded loft front.

Brad also told me that he has been busy building and selling homes for several Bed and Breakfasts across the country. A recent one up in the Badlands of South Dakota and three more for another in Pasadena, California. I will follow up with an update on these before long.

Photography: Doug Gaidry III Digital Imaging

Tanner another one of our readers sent me this link to this article in the Austin News about Kittel and his tiny houses. You can read the article called the “Small House Movement hits Central Texas” and watch a neat little video along with the story. Thanks Tanner for sharing this story with us.

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  1. Denise

    The Tiny Texas Houses are my absolute favorite. His were among the first tiny houses, after Jay’s, that I found and fell immediately in love with. I love everything that Brad Kittel does with salvaged materials ~ the workmanship, designs, the gorgeous wood, ~ EVERYTHING is Beautiful!

  2. alice

    Oh, what an inspiration! I would LOVE to have a group of assorted tiny houses to operate as a B&B. This is my new dream!

  3. Valden

    I love that shower tub! You could even sit down (always a plus) without much difficulty. Would make it easier to shave the legs too. And if you want a bath, just lay your legs over the side.

    Very nice.

  4. Corby

    This is a wonderfully luxurious home! The bathing area details are inspiring. Are those copper panels on the walls? If so, how do you keep them clean?

    1. Justin Robinson

      The shower tiles are not copper. They were once on the roof of a house and I think they are tin or some steel product. They are easy to keep clean. You just have to be careful of the edges when cleaning them.

  5. Kent Griswold

    Here is what Brad says about the bathtub:

    Generally they will be found in the architectural salvage yards but they are hard to find. That version would run about $750-$1,000. We get them on occasion but historically have not kept many in inventory. It appears we should be looking for more.

  6. Susan McReynolds

    Omega Salvage here in Berkeley sometimes has these tiny tubs. They have an online service. They also have a limited number of repro tubs-may include a tiny or two.

    1. kathy norman

      That is a cute tub! don’t forget the japanese tubs. I do not know how expensive they are, but they might work also.

  7. Brand

    Excellent. I might go a little larger (I need space for a computer workstation and lots of books), but the proportioning is flawless. A wonderful design!

    1. kathy norman

      and I would make a bedroom on the ground floor if you are planning on living there in your older years!

  8. Cristian Lavaque

    That is really nice. They usually build nice, cute, cozy small houses. I like them much better than the ones built with modern materials. I hope one day I’ll be able to buy old things from them, they have wonderful things.

  9. Ilana


    So much beauty, warmth, and luxury in just 240 sq feet!!

    Most large homes don’t even come close…thank you very much for sharing. Just seeing what can be done makes me very happy <3

  10. Gill

    That balcony next to the loft ladder needs some structural support underneath, or be hung from the ceiling above using cables.

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  12. Karen

    Love the laddershelves…maybe an idea for my cottage which has a sleeping loft but I hadn’t figured out how I was going to get up there…the ladder shelf provides a stable (thus safe!) way to get up and also a reason to have it built in permanently!

  13. michelle

    Incredibly stunning house! I have been dreaming up and designing my own tiny house, nd it looks very much like this!! I wish I could pay you to build it for me on my land haha.

  14. Janelle

    Is this darling house for sale? Its located
    right where I’m looking to buy..If this
    isn’t do you have any for sale in or
    around Canyon Lake??? Thanks , Janelle

  15. renee

    I have lived in Canyon Lake ,Tx.For 23 years now.My house was built as a vacation home.-It is 1100 sq.ft -no garage.I thought of upsizing in the beginning or adding on.My boy friend is into simple living -living with less “stuff”.I get this.We visited our relatives this summer.His brother and mine both welcomed us with open arms,they both have small homes.His brother has 400sq.feet of living space and has his gadgets and lacks nada. They won’t let anyone build that small there anymore!In this economy?!?So when can we see this home?RM

  16. Ken G

    We have a tub like that in our home. I saw an ad for it in a 1949 Good Housekeeping magazine…something about the “Neo-spa” tub if I remember correctly. Tub measures 4″x4″.


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