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July 17, 2016

RV Turned Tiny House

A few months ago, my husband and I sat down to write out a budget. He recently returned to school and with two young kids at home, funds were tight, to say the least. We quickly realized that our housing expenses were too high, even though our rent was surprisingly low for the area. We began to brainstorm ways to cut down costs and fell upon the tiny home idea. Being on a tight budget or both time and money, building a tiny home from scratch was out of the question and buying one already built was out of our price range. We toyed with the idea of doing a bus conversion, but again, wanted to move in as soon as possible. I began to browse Craigslist for 5th wheels or RVs that would fit our needs. As soon as I saw the ad for what is now our home, I knew it was perfect.
It was listed for $8,500, at the top of our budget. We decided to go take a look at it. The attendants at the lot (it was at an RV dealership on consignment) really tried to discourage us from buying the coach, and we could see why. Dirt, grime, mold and garbage littered the RV, an active leak dripped onto the musty old couch and they had no idea if any of the appliances or systems functioned. We loved it. After a quick discussion, we offered them half of their asking price and they accepted.
Downsizing was our next task, we sold all of our furniture and 80% of our belongings, most of the kids’ toys (with their approval) and tons of bags of clothing, shoes and household items.
We spent the next two months gutting and remodeling the bus. Some of it could be salvaged: the countertops, sinks, shower, cabinets, cupboards and washer/dryer combo were usable. We tore out the ceiling, the floors, scraped the walls and repainted everything. We replaced the fridge, took out the microwave and used the space for countertop oven, took out all of the RV furniture and replaced it with actual fixtures.
5To make space for our two kids, we took out the queen bed that was in the rear bedroom, tore out the closet doors, filled in the door between the bedroom and bathroom and built a custom bunk in the closet. Because the engine is located under the bed platform, we couldn’t remove it. Instead, we built up the rest of the room to be level with the platform.
We took out the passenger and driver’s seats (the driver’s seat can be reinstalled for travel) and built a queen sized bunk over the cab. My husband and I sleep up there and it’s very solid and comfortable, wasted space otherwise! The space underneath is used as a closet and for extra storage. The bunk has to be removed for travel, but it only takes us 15-20 minutes and is very simple.
We live in our RV (about 300 sq feet) full time, on a beautiful piece of property that we rent from friends of ours. Because we installed a composting toilet, we only need electric and water hook ups. Our gray water irrigates a little orchard on our space.
Living tiny has been wonderful so far. Our kids love it and we all feel closer and happier. We spend less time cleaning and stressing about housework and more time together, we’re able to spend lots of time outdoors and enjoy having a bit more disposable income to use for fun activities!
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Valerie C - July 18, 2016 Reply

Love it !!! Happy life and freedom , yay !

    Eddy Deep - August 30, 2016 Reply

    From cooktops to full stoves, these Tiny House RVs have a range of options to suit your most adventurous cooking ambitions. A split system with a 30A plug and propane tanks on the hitch. The propane is then used for the heater, stove and water heater.

Lisa E. - July 18, 2016 Reply

You did a stellar job with this conversion and I applaud your vision, ingenuity, and industry. It all has paid off big for you. Two thumbs up and 100 gold stars. Looks FABULOUS!!!

Nancy@LittleHomesteadinBoise - July 19, 2016 Reply

What an awesome job you did! So many people are afraid of a lot of elbow grease, but that’s sweat equity! Great job!!!

Dave - July 21, 2016 Reply

I read your entire blog. What a transformation you have made to the RV! Touching connection to the past as well. While you know that this living arrangement will not be permanent, you are willing to stand by your values and buck the system. You have made great strides to offer your children a healthy lifestyle that most others just dream about. Apparently “you get it”!

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