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10 Tiny Houses for Sale in Oregon

Ready to live the tiny house lifestyle of your dreams in the Beaver State? Check out these ten small homes available right now in Oregon!

10. The Tiny Log Cabin

Log 1

Price: $18,500
Square Footage: 145
Location: Albany

Log 2

This authentic little log cabin is ideal for someone who wants to rough it on the road. It’s constructed on a 15-foot long two-axle trailer frame, and comes with all of the appliances you would expect, including a propane heater and several articles of furniture.

9. 160 Acre Ranch

160 1

Price: $349,000
Square Footage: 300
Location: Prineville

160 2

If you’ve always dreamed of owning your own working ranch, then this tiny home in the country could be your ticket. Don’t let the price tag scare you, because financing is available. The seller didn’t provide many details about the home, but the land is incentive enough to give it consideration, with springs, creeks and acres on acres of beautiful Oregon landscape to enjoy.

8. The Bluebird

Bluebird 1

Price: $88,000
Square Footage: 200
Location: Prineville

Bluebird 2

Newly finished, this timber frame home is made largely with recycled materials, including the pine flooring, reclaimed wooden windows and exterior siding. It’s well insulated, and you’ll have a propane heater to keep your warm in the winter season. The house is designed to offer gorgeous views of the Three Sisters Creek and Ochoco Lake Park areas. Wildlife loves it too – while it was under construction, a family of mountain bluebirds took up residence, giving the home its name.

7. The Hiatus Tiny House on Wheels

Hiatus 1

Price: $50,000
Square Footage: 170
Location: Bend

Hiatus 2

Finished on the outside with lovely, rough-sawn blue pine, this tiny mobile home has a clean, modern aesthetic. The home includes many windows and a set of French doors, affording plenty of natural light. You’ll have a composting toilet, propane heater, and lots of custom woodwork to round out the interior.

6. The Water Front Tiny Home

Waterfront 1

Price: $110,000
Square Footage: 450
Location: Bend

Waterfront 2

Located on the Big Deschutes Canal just a short distance from High Cascade Lake, Mount Bachelor, and with a boat ramp less than half a mile away, this home is perfect for anyone who loves the water and the wilderness. You’ll even have a large covered porch where you can relax and enjoy the scenery.

5. The Baby Blue

Baby 1

Price: $6,500
Square Footage: 144
Location: Pleasant Hill

Baby 2

Ready to pick up and move on a flatbed trailer, this one room cabin is wired for electric, allowing for energy efficient winter heating and summer cooling. According to the seller, the home can be relocated in the Pleasant Hill area for less than $1500.

4. The Craftsman Tiny House

Craftsman 1

Price: $24,700
Square Footage: 212
Location: Albany

Craftsman 2

Designed for an eco-friendly lifestyle, this tiny home is finished inside and out with wood, and is inset with a skylight and lots of windows. The seller offers a solar panel package, for those who want to live off grid, and the home is small enough to be moved on a flatbed trailer without an oversized load permit. You’ll have vaulted style ceilings, loads of storage, and all of the usual appliances.

3. The Blue Door Tiny House on Wheels

Blue Door 1

Price: $29,000
Square Footage: 144
Location: Hood River

Blue Door 2

Well designed to accommodate a modern lifestyle, this tiny home has two lofts, ample storage, and a crisp, modern design. It’s outfitted with all of the appliances you would expect, including a marine toilet that can be hooked up to a septic system or waste tank, a Dickinson propane water heater, complete kitchen and much more.

2. The Red Roof

Red Roof 1

Price: $65,000 or best offer
Square Footage: 320
Location: Terrebonne

Red Roof 2

Well-crafted inside and out, this tiny house is made to last. You’ll have a conventional flush toilet and shower in the bathroom, along with an electric heater to keep you warm. A propane stove provides heat to the rest of the house, which includes a second story loft. A 750-gallon water tank supplies the house with water. The seller is also offering a steel-framed gazebo with a canvas roof.

1. The Luxury Tiny House

Lux 1

Price: $70,000
Square Footage: 280
Location: Aurora

Lux 2

Designed with a contemporary aesthetic in mind, this tiny home is just right for those who appreciate the finer things in life. Built to be transported on a 20’ flatbed trailer, you’ll enjoy portability, along with all of the amenities you’re accustomed to. You can learn more about the house here.


There are more than a hundred Oregon tiny houses available to check out over at Tiny House Listings, so don’t worry if none of these little homes strike your fancy.

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Sharon DeBoever - May 3, 2017 Reply

we are looking for a tiny home in an established area that we can live in and not have to move that allows dogs and not sure if any of this is available but my husband would like to know if any of them come with 2 bathrooms or at least another toilet and sink - April 12, 2020 Reply

    The most expensive tiny home on the market didn t make this list, but resides in Santa Cruz, CA and is listed for a whopping $1,249,000. At just 600 square feet, that makes it $2,082 per square foot!

    Areyanna - January 16, 2021 Reply

    But beauty is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to reasons why we love these humble homes so much. They’re functional too and totally livable. Whether you’ve thought about owning a tiny house for years (hello, cozy little mountain cottage of your dreams!) or have only just been introduced to the mind-bogglingly wonderful concept ( granny pods

Roseann Johnson - May 20, 2017 Reply

Husband and I want to know whether you have tiny houses community, like a retirement community near Albany, Oregon or Bend, Oregon that allow a small dog. 2 bathrooms, no compost toilet.

Sharon DeBoever - July 13, 2017 Reply

Hello my husband and I are thinking about buying a tiny home in the Hope Valley Resort does anyone know if they’re starting price of $65,000 is a good deal or not? Also you pay a fee to lease the land but they take care of water sewage garbage and all maintenance or do you know if they let any companies come in and would let us build a tiny home on their land and still paid them the least price please get back to me as soon as possible thank you

Adam Sinclair - October 23, 2017 Reply

If you’re looking for insurance for your tiny home or yurt – call me at 971-254-1902

sally - February 19, 2018 Reply

So, how do I contact these people???? Interested in the log one in Albany.

    Kent Griswold - February 19, 2018 Reply

    Click on the link above the house you like in the title this will take you to the listing. If it is still available there will be contact info.

Diana - August 31, 2018 Reply

I am searching for a TH with a wood stove. I need a TH and some land to purchase to live out the rest of my life.Oregon is my home, I am open to relocating to where ever I can put down roots. Off Grid is preferred.My self and my beloved fur babies, I need a barn where I can have a horse. That can be built later. Please advise me. Thank you, Diana.

    Kent Griswold - August 31, 2018 Reply

    Hi Diana, the best place to start is with Tiny House Listings, search Oregon or any other area you are interested in.


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