Building the 21st Century’s Gypsy Wagon

Road Gypsy has recently set up shop in Southern California, building multi-functional, affordable campers in an eye-pleasing, vintage style. Playhouse, garden shed, camper, hauler, spare bedroom: a Road Gypsy wagon can do all these things and do them well. Moving? You can load up your stuff…there’s lots of possibilities here.

“In a culture plagued with artificial ingredients and broken promises, Road Gypsy wagons stand out as the real deal.” – Michael Palencar Owner/Visionary

Road Gypsy wagons blend the dreamy, colorful gypsy caravan with the practical, no-nonsense shepherd’s hut. Accents like wooden window sash with operating shutters add to the “real” effect. Interior options range from the open “Hobo” model that can be totally customized by the buyer to the “Glamper”, “Vendor Wagon” and “Toy Hauler” models. Three sizes are on display in Riverside and custom orders can be built in four weeks.

Some ideas are so old they almost seem new. Look at organic farming…hundreds of years ago all of our food was produced naturally. Road Gypsy wagons are that kind of an idea. Simple traveling campers, hand built from wood and painted bright enough to make anyone smile.

Road Gypsy is an old kind of company.

Michael Palencar

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  1. We have a Gypsy Wagon from them and it is amazing!! We love it for our family for camping and recently moved and used it to haul our boxes. Great quality and very functional.


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