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Method to No Madness ~ with Ross Pennington and Sheena Henry

What’s not to love about a friendship that starts around a propane heater, on a cold Texas evening, fueled by bourbon? This week we’re interviewing the new darlings of the tiny house movement, and recent recipients of the Florida Tiny House Festival “Best Tiny Home” award, Ross Pennington and Sheena Henry. After an unfortunate start to their tiny house journey, they resolved NOT to stop and started over with the tiny house we’ve all grown to know and love! With so many of them, blending into the background, theirs stands front and center stage because, well, they’ve GOT A STAGE!!?? And a hammock, and a HUGE TV, and a well stocked kitchen, and a huge garage door, and the most impressive off-grid setup we’ve quite likely seen yet. So, in case you’re wondering how you might get invited to the tiny house podcast (in addition to having a fun story or award winning tiny house of course) you can always find Michelle at a festival and feed her bacon. And it doesn’t hurt to have easy going pets, beloved “fans”, and an attitude about life that we should all emulate. This week, you’ll smile, you’ll laugh, and hopefully you’ll appreciate why we do what we do. It’s all for the lovely people like Ross, and Sheena, and of course…like YOU!

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