Successful Entrepreneur Lives in a Van

Why would an entrepreneur who has raised millions of dollars through crowdfunding live in a van? Vanlife doesn’t seem common amongst the startup and tech crowd.

Rob Rast is living this alternative lifestyle while successfully running his e-mobility business.

Rob got a van that was converted already. Rob was on Craigslist when he first was first exploring the idea. Rob said: “Oh, vanlife sounds cool. Let me see what’s out there.”

Rob got a van.

It’s a 2013 Mercedes Sprinter. The long, extended wheelbase. And it’s fully built inside. It has a queen bed, two burner propane stove, 50-gallon water tank. It has solar panels, and it has a deck on top, which is super cool. Rob love going up there. And he will do some yoga or some tanning. It’s got a shower inside, a closet, and the tiniest fridge you can imagine.

In this interview:

Ethan and Rob cover how living in the van brings Rob closer to his work with electronic bikes and skateboards, plus how those devices can get you around in an eco-friendly way.

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In This Episode:

  • How Rob’s business led him to the vanlife
  • Using e-bikes to enhance the tiny house lifestyle
  • The future of e-mobility products
  • Important design considerations for mobile entrepreneurs
  • Why you should NOT store your bike on the back of your van

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He raised $3 million in 30 days by travelling with is e-mobility products

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